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Spravato, a $JNJ drug that is a cousin of ketamine, gets @US_FDA  okay to treat patients with suicidal ideation or behavior, @Loftus  reports. The nasal spray had been greenlighted to treat depression in patients who weren't helped by other drugs.

Investors, analysts see a lot to like in the early trial data for coronavirus vaccines, especially the mRNA vaccines from $MRNA and $BNTX and partner $PFE, @GZuckerman  and @joewalkerWSJ  report. But it's early data, and valuations are high.

@SEC_News  is investigating how $KODK disclosed a $765mn loan from the U.S. and stock trades ahead of the announcement, @davidamichaels  and @theofrancis  report Some stock-option grants for executives were granted the day before the announcement.

Breaking: $NVAX Covid-19 vaccine induces immune response in Phase 1 study, Novavax tells @Loftus . The vaccine also was generally well-tolerated, the company says.

A man’s six weeks in the hospital battling COVID-19, by @_melaevans ⁩

The Justice Department is seeking as much as $18.1 billion from OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma, @sara_randazzo ⁩ reports, along with details about the investigation into the company

Many people who most urgently need vaccination, including Blacks and Latinos, don’t trust medical research and are unlikely to participate in clinical trials of experimental coronavirus vaccines, prompting recruitment efforts, @JaredSHopkins  reports

Democrats are probing the U.S. government's $765 million deal with $KODK, seeking records regarding the origins and stock option grants before it was announced, @rachael_levy  and @GRogow  report News comes after revealed investigati @WSJn . @secenforcement 

Coronavirus vaccine prices are starting to come into focus, and they are all over the map, @Loftus  reports. The range in government contracts is from $4 a dose to $74 for a two-dose course.

America relies on China for vital drugs, including heparin, antibiotics and high blood pressure medication. The pandemic exposed the danger, @YapCW  reports.


A study of 39 patients hospitalized with Covid-19 provided a sign that blood plasma transfusions from recovered patients improve survival rates, @AmyDMarcus  reports

Decades ago, scientists took a Black woman’s cells wo/ her consent, generating valuable research for labs & co.s but nothing for her family. Now, two entities that benefited from Henrietta Lacks’s cells say they will give back, @AmyDMarcus ⁩ reports

So far this year, pharma companies have taken 3,653 price increases on 1,045 different drug products, according to Raymond James & Associates. Among them: a spray Ambien whose price was just increased by as much as 843%

Most drugs for ALS fail in testing. But this one, hatched by two fraternity brothers who came up with the idea in their Brown University dorm, worked, @PaganoniMDPhD ⁩ says. A terrible disease, an unlikely drug discovery story. @AmylyxPharma ⁩

News: $MRNA is first company to ship a coronavirus vaccine for testing in humans, @Loftus  reports.

$LLY, $MRK and $PFE says they will pay employees who are licensed medical professionals and go work helping fight the coronavirus and take care of patients

Roche is nearing a deal to buy gene-therapy biotech $ONCE for nearly $5bn, , and I are reporting. Story coming to website.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, @US_FDA  is suspending inspections outside the U.S. effectively immediately, says it remains confident in its ability to oversee foreign manufacturers and imported products

The final stage of testing for coronavirus vaccine candidates from $MRNA⁩, $@jennerinstitute ⁩'>AZN- @JennerInstitute ⁩ and $JNJ would start in July, August and September, respectively, under plans developed by @NIH ⁩, @Loftus ⁩ reports