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I wrote about getting drunk at the cricket

column on michael vaughan, and 'cancel culture'

as a tribute to Abramovich the new Chelsea owners should buy the club but just keep loaning it back to him every season

this week’s column is on shane warne, giver of happiness

there's this idea that banning trans athletes is purely about sport. that you can "choose fairness" here, stand up for trans rights everywhere else. like they're not connected. like sport isn't part of a much wider campaign of cruelty, erasure and violence

fran kirby is english football’s only true genius


Yes, it's that time of year again: ranking the 20 Premier League managers by who would be best in a fight.

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For too long, football has laboured under the misconception that racism consists solely of 'incidents', ignoring the structural injustices that create them. In one move, Raheem Sterling has blown that apart. This week's column.

I like Fifa's optimism that there will still be 48 countries in 2026.

Why the world shouldn't forget about Qatar. Piece for @IndySport .

Klopp on Brexit, per this superb interview: “If you have to make a decision for the whole country, then find a solution for the whole country, not for old people in the countryside.” ???

Isco made 132 passes tonight. Twelve of them went forwards.

Empty gestures. Meaningless platitudes. Rank hypocrisy. Bland corporate nonsense. The response of many big sports organisations to the killing of George Floyd has been superficial, risk-free bullshit, and we need to demand better.

Theresa May (sub, 75 mins) - Tried hard but struggled to make an impact. 5