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So Sasse got what he wanted from Trump and then swindled him?

Maybe you should have thought about that before

"what people like Chait don’t seem to understand is that pure democracy is not the answer to America’s problems"

Provocative argument from @jbouie : to forestall a post-election crisis during the blue shift, Biden voters should take the risk and cast in-person ballots

I've been thinking about this. Not sure whether or not I agree but it merits serious consideration.

The Senate systematically overrepresents white America. It must be reformed.

So we spent like a month analyzing the ramifications of a second-hand quote attributed to Chris Dodd that had nothing to do with Biden’s actual choice?

@MaxBoot  This is a myth: Buckley carefully and fitfully distanced himself from Welch, but courted the Birchers and wanted to keep them in the fold:


If you read between the lines, US intelligence confirmed last night Russia is helping Trump and Trump is actively soliciting Russia's assistance

This is devastating report. The federal government could have mobilized the military and other branches to contain the coronavirus and it's done almost nothing until now.

Republicans outsourced Ukraine policy to a private lawyer being paid by Russian mobsters. An Army vet objected to their extortion racket. Republicans are calling him disloyal.

If you haven't watched Schiff argue for impeachment, you're missing something historic.

Trump said so many crazy things to Jonathan Swan, hardly anybody noticed he said the 1964 Civil Rights Act didn't work out well

The Ukraine scandal is not a phone call. It's Trump spending months corrupting US foreign policy into a weapon against Biden

I give McConnell credit. It's rare for a Republican to admit error and acknowledge reality. Much more common response to being proven wrong is to dig in and attack the liberal media.