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The media isn't biased against Trump. It's biased in his favor.

My wild, elaborate conspiracy theory: 1. Russian intelligence --> Derkach 2. Derkach --> GiulianiPretty crazy, huh?

Trump's "joke" about leaving the country if he loses the election reveals something

This is a good @powellnyt  explanation of how "white supremacy" has taken on a completely different meaning than it used to

Remember, we need to keep the Electoral College, because under a national popular vote, candidates would IGNORE RURAL AREAS

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The media is biased in Trump's favor. (Because it's literally impossible to hold him to a normal standard.)

Trump's presidency has failed for the same reason Bush's failed: both listened to right-wing ideologues, ignored experts and created a disaster

Alternate view: teacher unions' refusal to account for the damage done to lot-income kids by remote schooling should make people who previously equated their stance with the public interest rethink things


The Flynn transcript shows the incoming Trump administration colluding with Russia against the U.S. government

This is devastating report. The federal government could have mobilized the military and other branches to contain the coronavirus and it's done almost nothing until now.

Republicans outsourced Ukraine policy to a private lawyer being paid by Russian mobsters. An Army vet objected to their extortion racket. Republicans are calling him disloyal.

If you haven't watched Schiff argue for impeachment, you're missing something historic.

The Ukraine scandal is not a phone call. It's Trump spending months corrupting US foreign policy into a weapon against Biden