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Emily's husband; Charlotte, Tommy, Molly's dad. Author, FDR, Obama books. MSNBC analyst, DailyBeast columnist. Co-host, Sirius XM Alter Family Politics.

Latest Scoops

Trump lawyer's firm steered millions in donations to family members, files show | US news | The Guardian. Good story https://t.co/kPhg3wGMb2
Was That Wrong? – Talking Points Memo. @TPM Response should be to call "collusion" by its proper name--treason. https://t.co/D73y0tBWsN
Franken destroys Republican talking point on Trumpcare. For every 750k who lose Medicaid, 1,000 to 2000 will die. https://t.co/QzMaZnhGIT
'On Last Day of High School, I Almost Died. CPR Saved My Life.' My daughter's story.U can save lives w/out CPR class https://t.co/OzsVOpBka2
Must-read by my darling daughter Molly. Hands-Only CPR Saved My Life https://t.co/36SMneteJC Please pass it along and save someone else's.
FDR wanted "cradle to grave" overage. Medicaid is thus key part of New Deal social contract on what we owe each other. Will we now break it?
W/ Medicare/Medicaid in 1965, Great Society completed New Deal. FDR and LBJ were gods in the hollows of WVa. Will @SenCapito repudiate them?
Expect 3 days of McConnell bribery. Will press stigmatize GOP senators the way it tarred Dem Ben Nelson in '09 with "Cornhusker Kickback"?
Expect 3 days of bribery by McConnell.Will media stigmatize GOP senators the way it tarred Dem Ben Nelson in '09 with "Cornhusker Kickback"?
I've yet to hear a single person who favors the bill on its merits. It's ONLY to fulfill a political promise.
@GreensteinCBPP @Atul_Gawande GOP Rep. Rooney on @chrislhayes clearly unfamiliar with concept of a House-Senate conference committee. That's how little they legislate.
The most devastating passage in the CBO’s report on the Senate health bill - Vox. #meantothecore https://t.co/hbnaYpedAY
CBO: Sen. GOP health-care bill would leave 22 million more uninsured by 2026 - The WashPost. Mean to the core. https://t.co/1Pe6lIk6CM
I like @hughhewitt but this captures all that's wrong with GOP: All politics, no real people in equation. https://t.co/XS6Cd2BP0Q
It's go time: Bill's opponents paging all doctors in ME, OH, CO, AZ, AK, WVA to call their senators this week. They have real influence.
Obama's winning line, borrowed from Trump: bill is "Mean at the core". Millions must repeat and repeat to GOP senators from AK, OH, ME, WVA
Senate Health Bill Is a Travesty on a Fast Track - Bloomberg. What decent business exec can support this? https://t.co/UhdFPHhOxL
Cruz being among 4 GOP righties against Sen. bill is good news for Obamacare. Unlike others, he's too much of a jerk to bow to Mcconnell.
Don’t Mess With New York’s Gun Laws - WSJ. A bill to do so may pass Congress, endangering us all. https://t.co/mt0m6AElFh
Depressed Dems might want to read up on Rep. Seth Moulton. Young, dynamic figures of moral authority are out there. https://t.co/rHwxBY78zz
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