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No one knows how this ends, but here’s a guess: Trump is convicted of mishandling classified documents and avoids a judge with irony who wants to “lock him up.”But the statute says he cannot hold public office. GOP leaders hypocritically attack verdict but are secretly thrilled.

. @hughhewitt ⁩ and other Republicans smell a good political issue in the Democrats bolstering the IRS, which the GOP has starved for more than 25 years. Read this to understand how archaic that agency is.

If government lawyers tell the president directly, as they did, that it’s illegal for him to take his records to Florida, and he does so anyway, he’s got a legal problem.

A mole! Lately I haven't had much faith in Newsweek, where I worked for 28 years, especially after it ran a horrible piece in 2020 by John Eastman. But the author of this big story, William M. Arkin, is a top flight expert on intell and totally credible.

The Mar-a-Lago classified docs scandal reminds me of the Nixon tax evasion scandal, which was considered a late-breaking part of Watergate but was actually a whole different category of wrongdoing.


BREAKING: 88 of Amy Coney Barrett’s faculty colleagues at Notre Dame have released a letter saying she should withdraw from consideration for the Supreme Court.

@SenatorSinema  might be interested to learn that John McCain’s economic adviser, Mark Zandi, just backed the Inflation Reduction Act. He joined 7 Nobelists and 2 treasury secretaries.

Breaking: obscure law requires Sen confirmation for WH aide like Bannon to serve on NSC. 50 U.S. Code § 3021

The Jan. 6 Committee is really throwing down the gauntlet to Merrick Garland. He will either act or have to explain why he isn’t doing so. Silence from DOJ is no longer possible.

Why is it that almost none of the discussion of the Wall includes the fact that illegal immigration into the US peaked 11 years ago and has declined ever since? Seems kinda elemental.

Infestation in Baltimore? Yes, in many of the 20,000 crappy apartments owned by Jared Kushner.

I’m ashamed that Newsweek—the magazine where I spent 28 good years (1983-2011)—would publish this piece of racist fact-free legal sophistry by a dude who ran against Harris for AG and didn’t disclose it. I must have missed this guy’s piece about Ted Cruz’ eligibility.

Any pundit who ever again praises Paul Ryan's brain and policy chops after this pathetically inept health care bill should leave journalism.

This is an utterly terrifying column from former top official. It suggests that next month the GOP may try to sneak through a huge court packing scheme that—my words—amounts to a judicial coup attempt by Trump.