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At Hanukkah party sit-down, Trump asked Igor and Lev to carry out a “James Bond mission” in Ukraine. Nice work, Goldfinger.

Aside from the GOP’s total failure to contest the facts, the big takeaway for the casual viewer may be the stakes—the national security interests— and the scary precedent of allowing shakedowns like this to be standard.Taylor & Kent were entirely credible and GOP looked sketchy.

Whatever one thinks of Bloomberg & @DevalPatrick , "too late" is a dumb way to decide who should be president. Other countries have six-week campaigns. Worth distinguishing between whether it IS too late (debatable) and whether it SHOULD BE too late (ridiculous).

. @WalterIsaacson ⁩ @jmeacham ⁩ and Evan Thomas (smart enough to avoid Twitter?) chart the clash of a flawed establishment (that did more good than harm) and a bunch of dumb thugs. History is still written by the good guys.

The new line for no impeachment is that the penalties for attempted crime are lower than for crimes that are completed. But if there’s a pattern of law-breaking, sentences can be longer. Dems should consider an obstruction of justice article that includes Mueller’s best stuff.

Trump’s real-time witness tampering and intimidation—a felony—is the big story of the day and will likely be referenced in the articles of impeachment. Shooting someone in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue doesn’t make it any less of a crime.


This is mind blowing. The Republicans are literally stealing the election in state after state.

Breaking: obscure law requires Sen confirmation for WH aide like Bannon to serve on NSC. 50 U.S. Code § 3021

Infestation in Baltimore? Yes, in many of the 20,000 crappy apartments owned by Jared Kushner.

Why is it that almost none of the discussion of the Wall includes the fact that illegal immigration into the US peaked 11 years ago and has declined ever since? Seems kinda elemental.

Note to Democrats and media: Do not use ever use “chain migration.” It’s a loaded right wing phrase like “death taxes.” The proper phrase for the provision, according to the Immigration Act of 1965, is “family reunification.”

Kelly must go. He knew that Porter’s interim security clearance expired Jan 15 and that the FBI had a serious problem with Porter handling top secret material.

Trump attacks Pelosi and lies about her in CBS interview to air during the Super Bowl. CBS should either run that part only on “Face the Nation” where it can be corrected by the panel or give Pelosi equal time. The latter would set a good precedent for respecting Congress.

This myth that a sitting president cannot be indicted is getting tiresome. That is nowhere in the Constitution and the Supreme Court has never ruled on it. A DOJ guidance policy has no legal standing. Mueller has said his mandate isn't to indict but fed prosecutors in NY could.

Any pundit who ever again praises Paul Ryan's brain and policy chops after this pathetically inept health care bill should leave journalism.

This is an utterly terrifying column from former top official. It suggests that next month the GOP may try to sneak through a huge court packing scheme that—my words—amounts to a judicial coup attempt by Trump.