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It is extremely important for democracy that Giuliani and Trump’s other attorneys are punished under Rule 11. If they are not, their 2020 “strategy” will become the GOP playbook and Trump Republicans will refuse to concede in any election. That’s scary.

Terrific interview re Biden and Carter by @katieleebarlow ⁩ on Words Matter podcast.

Going on @SRuhle  at 9:40 to discuss #BananaRepublicans  and the threat they pose to democracy.

Biden should definitely name Sanders as Labor Secretary. All upside. He’d be strong advocate for labor, symbol of a united Democratic Party, and inside the tent pissing out, rather than the other way around. If GOP senate rejects him after contentious hearings, it’ll hurt them.

Who should be the new chair of the DNC? This guy would be great.


BREAKING: 88 of Amy Coney Barrett’s faculty colleagues at Notre Dame have released a letter saying she should withdraw from consideration for the Supreme Court.

Paging all lawyers who want to prevent Trump’s postal coup: Forget DOJ. All states have laws against election interference. Because mail-in ballots include candidates for state office, AGs and DAs have standing to bring criminal cases against USPS. Start with PA, WI and MI.

This is mind blowing. The Republicans are literally stealing the election in state after state.

A serious proposal: All major news organizations should temporarily replace their White House reporters with medical reporters so that the daily briefing is primarily about public safety. The political reporters can ask the press office about squabbles with governors etc.

Breaking: obscure law requires Sen confirmation for WH aide like Bannon to serve on NSC. 50 U.S. Code § 3021

Biden--who is doing well now on CNN-- doesn't know it, but he won Michigan tonight. Trump said he told Pence not to call back governors like Whitmer who weren't "appreciative."The ad writes itself: "President Trump put himself and his pettiness ahead of Michigan, costing lives."

Why is it that almost none of the discussion of the Wall includes the fact that illegal immigration into the US peaked 11 years ago and has declined ever since? Seems kinda elemental.

Note to Democrats and media: Do not use ever use “chain migration.” It’s a loaded right wing phrase like “death taxes.” The proper phrase for the provision, according to the Immigration Act of 1965, is “family reunification.”

I’m ashamed that Newsweek—the magazine where I spent 28 good years (1983-2011)—would publish this piece of racist fact-free legal sophistry by a dude who ran against Harris for AG and didn’t disclose it. I must have missed this guy’s piece about Ted Cruz’ eligibility.

Infestation in Baltimore? Yes, in many of the 20,000 crappy apartments owned by Jared Kushner.