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On my Substack, Gary Hart draws a line between the 1987 sex scandal that brought him down and the rise of Trump.

Just caught up to this lapidary (to use one of his favorite words) essay by George Will. Worth a read.

Missing from the stories on the US-UK-AUS nuclear sub deal: Why will US share its nuclear technology with the UK but not France? Because for decades, the French have sold nuke technology to virtually anybody. Can't trust 'em on this.

Happy to be living on Paperback Row. My Carter bio is out in paperback on Tuesday. Buy now through .

We need congressional Afghanistan hearings all right—ones that investigate Trump’s deal with the Taliban.

Do you know any ER docs or anyone else interested in that vital work? Then they need the book chronicling the welcome arrival of social emergency medicine. One of the authors and pioneers is my baby brother, Dr. Harrison Alter. @alterdoctor  .

Going on @mitchellreports  on MSNBC now to discuss Biden’s UN speech and the publication—today!—of the paperback edition of “His Very Best: Jimmy Carter, a Life.” Buy from bookseller of your choice. Go to

Will go on @TheLastWord  soon to talk about the sausage making in DC. And my Carter bio is out in paperback today!!! You can buy it through

Went tonight to the first live show of @OldManAndThree  pod with newly-retired @jj_redick--a  great performer & journalist-- and @MrTalter  , about whom I'm a bit biased. SRO crowd in Brooklyn for a raucous time with @tyhaliburton22 '>Patty Mill @TyHaliburton22 , @TaylorRooks  @desusnice  Really fun.


BREAKING: 88 of Amy Coney Barrett’s faculty colleagues at Notre Dame have released a letter saying she should withdraw from consideration for the Supreme Court.

If we “move on”, the GOP will refuse to concede future elections, then judge-shop until they steal one. There must be a price paid for sedition or we will lose our democracy. This is critically important work in the next couple of years.

Paging all lawyers who want to prevent Trump’s postal coup: Forget DOJ. All states have laws against election interference. Because mail-in ballots include candidates for state office, AGs and DAs have standing to bring criminal cases against USPS. Start with PA, WI and MI.

The US admitted five states—Wyo. Montana, Idaho, N. Dakota & S.Dakota—to Union in 1889-90. The explicit aim was to give the GOP ten new senators. It’s a little rich watching senators from those lightly populated states argue that opposing DC statehood is a matter of principle.

A serious proposal: All major news organizations should temporarily replace their White House reporters with medical reporters so that the daily briefing is primarily about public safety. The political reporters can ask the press office about squabbles with governors etc.

Biden--who is doing well now on CNN-- doesn't know it, but he won Michigan tonight. Trump said he told Pence not to call back governors like Whitmer who weren't "appreciative."The ad writes itself: "President Trump put himself and his pettiness ahead of Michigan, costing lives."

Reporters should cut through the noise and ask GOPs a simple question: “Why do you want to make it harder to vote?” When they answer with blather about “ballot integrity,” reporters shld stand firm, explain that 2020 was an historically clean election—and ask the question again.

I’m ashamed that Newsweek—the magazine where I spent 28 good years (1983-2011)—would publish this piece of racist fact-free legal sophistry by a dude who ran against Harris for AG and didn’t disclose it. I must have missed this guy’s piece about Ted Cruz’ eligibility.

The "Wall of Moms" in Portland is a brilliant tactic that may forever change social protest. If adopted everywhere--and protesters mostly stay behind it--this "good wall" (like non-violence) will reinforce that demonstrators have the moral high ground. It wrecks Trump's argument.