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@esglaude ’s “Begin Again” debuted at #5  on the NYT bestseller list. Glaude’s use of James Baldwin’s eyes as a lens on race in his times and ours is as exquisite in its construction as it is evocative — painful, hopeful and much more — in its execution. Worth more than the price.

Killer jacket, @joshledermanAP ! Also — I think your backdrop is a 10/10, even if you let other correspondents and administration officials use your lawn, too.

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What I wouldn’t give for a fresh set of boxscores.

This is a really smart piece from @jon  Karl⁩, who has ably challenged presidents and other federal officials regardless of party or ideology for many years.

One of the conventional iron rules of politics that Trump has broken on countless occasions: Don't fight with someone who isn't on the ballot. Fauci isn't on the ballot. We shall see if it works, but past practice suggests it's not a winning tactic.

How $3 trillion in bond-buying from the Fed bolstered shareholder wealth on the equity side while millions of Americans lost jobs. That doesn't include the opaque $5T major-corporation Fed bailout secured by 10-to-1 guarantees from the Treasury Department.

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Donald Trump has given us the worst debate performance by any major-party nominee since the advent of television.

I must be watching a different hearing than the rest of the punditry. What I've seen here is Mueller make very clear that he believes the president obstructed justice. That was true in the report, but his testimony went further. It may not be exciting to watch, but it's serious.

In any other administration, it would be newsworthy that the new defense secretary is a defense contractor.

"I am completely and utterly perplexed by those who argue that perjury and obstruction of justice are not high crimes and misdemeanors." -- Mitch McConnell, 2/12/99.

The president pressured the Park Service to mislead about the size of his inauguration crowd. Now, the Park Police say they didn’t use “tear gas” when we all know what happened. And they say troops were under assault from bricks and frozen water bottles. No one saw that.

Spokesman for alliance of Native American tribes says Trump's commentary "smacks of racism" and president should "stop using our historical people of significance as a racial slur against one of his opponents."

Irony: Shutting down the Homeland Security Department to protect the border.

Not sure how will end up faring in the presidential, but one thing that’s clear from conversations I’ve had with him, interviewing him and reading his book: he’s operating at a different intellectual level — a much higher one — than the vast majority of politicians

The president is bullying and smearing Yovanovitch as she testifies to facts in front of Congress. She's not smearing him or lying about him or making judgmental conclusions about him. He's intimidating the witness in real time on Twitter.