Coronavirus modeling by IHME suggests we are going to have to remain vigilant once the current pandemic subsides: "By end the of the first wave of the epidemic, an estimated 97% of the population of the United States will still be susceptible to the disease,

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An elderly man has remained in a psychiatric hospital for more than 30 years without his true identity having ever been established, the High Court has heard

There have been no new coronavirus deaths reported to health officials in the past 24 hours - the first time that has happened in more than two months.

I have never seen a better occasion to apply the adjective ‘Ironic!’

I salute the small retailers in the country, who have ensured the continuity of supply chains. Despite all the fears of Coronavirus, our small retailers worked day & night to serve our families. They have done a fantastic service to the people of our country and I thank them.

The greatest crime is that we imprison petty criminals and appoint the biggest crooks to public office.

Quite difficult to argue that a) he was motivated solely by the safety of his child and b) that he tested his ability to drive with dodgy eyesight with a four year old strapped in at the back

This statement raises far more questions than it answers. It also casts a very significant cloud over the competence of the UK Government. #COVID ー19

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