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John Pilger

It is not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas of the message and the myths that surround it

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Julian #Assange  has been discharged by the judge at the Old Bailey on grounds that he was too great a suicide risk if extradited to the US. This is wonderful! It's a face-saving cover for the British to justify their disgraceful political trial of #Assange  on America's behalf.

How Julian #Assange  was stitched up by the corrupt Swedish state, Britain and the US. Read this interview with the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer. It's a lesson for every journalist who challenges power and why #Assange  must be freed.

Once upon a time, America used to entertain with its cartoon democracy. Today, Trump's ridiculous impeachment would not rate one star. The real news is that, spin aside, Biden's regime differs from Trump's only in that it may be more dangerous.

The cowards surface now that Robert Fisk can't answer back. Fisk's description of 'hotel journalists' was too charitable. They are collaborators of the Vichy kind, whisperers of jealous lies. Read this defence of a reporter whose journalism shames them.

My 2010 film 'The War You Don't See' is available to watch free at the link below. It is about the vital role journalists play in launching wars. As two nuclear powers are provoked relentlessly in our name, the film has never been more up to date...

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In Julian #Assange 's homeland, Australia, there is Covid scaremongering in a pandemic-free society, there are pages on Trump's absurd impeachment trial and there is barely a word on Biden's decision to proceed with an appeal against a journalist who told the truth. How shameful.


I spoke to Julian#Assange  at the weekend. His psychological torture is unabated. He remains isolated in his small cell, mostly 23 hours a day, denied proper exercise. He has lost more weight. Although 'approved', phone calls to his parents are still not possible. Britain 2019.

Before the election, publicity for the ITV broadcast of my film, The Dirty War on the NHS, was subject to an embargo at the very time that the film's theme, the sell-off of the NHS, was at the forefront of British politics. The ITV broadcast is now on Tuesday 17 Dec, at 10.45pm.

A US Federal Court has ruled that WikiLeaks and Julian #Assange  lawfully published the Hillary Clinton emails and found "no evidence" of collusion with Russia. The fabrications of the "free media" have dissolved into silence.

Under cover of a crisis, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has struck a secret deal with US tech giants to deliver a "COVID-19 data store". This will be the biggest, most sinister handover of personal NHS patient data to private firms ever. Speak out now.

Julian #Assange  is in solitary, denied visitors. He ordered a radio from the prison catalogue six months ago. A friend also ordered him a radio and the authorities returned it, unopened. Even the Beirut hostages Waite, Keenan and McCarthy listened to a radio. This is torture.

Australian cities have erupted in inspiring demos against police killings of black people. In Australia, hundreds of Indigenous people have died in police custody without a conviction. Please watch this clip from my film, Utopia...

In 2016, a pandemic drill was carried out in Britain with shocking results. Devastated by cuts, the NHS was overwhelmed. The govt was warned, but did nothing and the Dept of Health suppressed the conclusions. What has happened in 2020 is a state crime.

When Jeremy Hunt was UK Health Secretary the stockpile of PPE was cut by 40 per cent. In 2016, he oversaw Exercise Cygnus that predicted the NHS he was starving to death could not cope with a pandemic. He ignored it. Prosecute Hunt for criminal negligence.