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You can show me all the individuals you want. I'm sure they are wonderful people. The NRA's agenda is to sell more guns and stop any meaningful gun safety measures. You are a danger to America. You are a danger to law enforcement.
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🌹❣️ Happy Valentine's Day to the queen of my heart, @Camila_Cabello 🌹❣️
Hey, @realDonaldTrump.

Maybe no one has told you, but declaring a National Emergency for a wall sets a precedent that future Presidents can declare a National Emergency for:

-climate change
-gun reform

All of which are more pressing and dire than your weird wall.
Thank you for all your support, only a few hours left to vote 🙏🏼❤#BRITVIDLIAMRITA
be EXCITED about stuff. have passion. you need it to survive.
Did you see @BTS_twt's V rocking out to Cardi B's #GRAMMYs performance? 😍#BillboardNews
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Heartfelt condolences to the families of our valiant jawans. May the souls of our countrymen who laid their lives down for us rest in peace. #Pulwama
No matter what happens, you guys have been completely amazing and we are so blessed to have such dedicated and loyal fans. We <3 each and every single one of you mixers! THANK YOU. 💘💘
Here’s the #ThinkAboutUsVideo
We hope you like it.
The girls x
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