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  3. you need to take my family’s name out of your mouth before you get sued.
You need to take my family’s name out of your mouth before you get sued.


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Candace Cameron Bure posted a photo of herself and her son out to dinner and a troll felt the need to respond: "You still look like you weigh more than your husband." https://t.co/TNYFLj8F6F
People have asked me, “what does it take to maintain a small-scale independent rock band?”

Well, 1 day it’ll be your job to power wash year-old raccoon piss out of a road case.

...find the humor in that & you may have what it takes to fail at music, forever. #positivity
@ArleneSimpson I am the go to guy for a lot of people. You know family, friends, come on stop being so shallow and thinking you know me because of my job. You don’t. I’m sure you have people in your circle who come to you too. Have a blessed night.
So if we sent you BACKSTAGE to MEET @whydontwemusic at #KTSH18 which one of your friends would you take? @CanalsideBflo @anthonykissdj
Next year you'll be able to get to work (bitch) on your hot bodies with a new line of exercise equipment designed by @britneyspears: https://t.co/9WBRtzEe4b
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