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I dont wear sandals! I have tried them before and found they make every outfit worse. At least for me. But carry on with your sandals, everyone!https://t.co/8QFZD4zvrK
Want an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of the #AGoodNight video? @Shazam the song now to unlock!
Thanks for the love @iHeartRadio! Listen to #AGoodNight on their New R&B Weekly playlist here: https://t.co/xrIXLwNDoY
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Today, I checked in w/ the inaugural cohort of @LetsFreeAmerica’s Unlocked Futures at #ASUGSV2018, and continue to be inspired by their work. In partnership with @newprofit & , th@BofA_Newsese entrepreneurs are breaking down barriers & building successful organizations.
The only way to build just, equitable, & thriving communities is by giving every young person freedom from systems that hold them back & the opportunity to unlock their potential. Today, I spoke at about t#ASUGSV2018he role that justice plays in transforming our communities.
I've partnered with @Airbnb to curate a list of #AirbnbExperiences designed to have #AGoodNight - one of which is an intimate concert with me featuring @LVE_wines! Check the site to see when more tickets are available: https://t.co/rBDdcCemaZ
Annnnd..... she said her first “Ellen”! @TheEllenShow
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Hey @TheEllenShow! First of all, Luna loved the show. Still working on her clapping on the 2 and 4 but that will come....
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