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#NASA expert: #ElNi ño is & #039 ;too big to fail& #039 ;: via @AOL 

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Pat Cipollone: We came hoping to have a trial. They spent the entire day telling you and the American people that they can't prove their case. I could have told you that in five minutes.

This entrepreneur wants to replace plastic food packaging with a compostable alternative. @dougalshawBBC  met her at the Davos summit #wef2020  #wef20  #sustainability  More Davos coverage:

LIVE: Senate Democrats hold a press conference before day 2 of the impeachment trial begins

Round-trip plane tickets between Japan and China can be bought for $50, excluding surcharges and taxes. #airfare 

NAR: The median existing-home price for all housing types in December was $274,500, up 7.8% from December 2018. This is 3x higher than wage growth

The Jeff Bezos owned Washington Post gets Trump's tax cuts badly wrong It notes Trump's claim his tax cuts reduced the deficit and then tells readers "some nonpartisan budget experts said was not true." WRONG, ALL nonpartisan experts say it is not true.

Chuck Schumer says White House lawyers “were unprepared, confused,” and “resorted to the kind of histrionics you see on Fox News” at yesterday's trial. He says they made several factual errors in presenting their defense of Trump

Donald Trump dismisses injuries of US military troops, proves (again) there is no bottom

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Significant shift from power of the people to choose their POTUS to power of 535 members of Congress to choose POTUS.

Vexing problems face open societies today, but there are points of hope in the future. Education can lead the way forward. Watch my speech live from @Davos  #WEF20  on Thursday at 8:30pm CET/2:30pm EST:

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