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Ah, the "I thought we were out of popsicles" popsicle. Is there a better popsicle?

Don't think I don't know how much this implicates me, but I'm finally catching up on this entire season of Grey's Anatomy, and I tell you I did not see a WHISPER of discussion here about how Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano showed up playing sisters, what the HELL, you guys?

Oscar nerds: before you check out my Oscars By the Numbers piece, can you name the three times before this year that Actress/Supporting Actress winners from the same year competed in the same category subsequently?

(e.g. Charlize and Renée both won in 2003, and now face each other this year. It’s happened three other times.)

Proud of myself for having watched enough TV to know that this woman just rolled into the Grey Sloan ER having fallen down the stairs was DEFINITELY pushed by her suspiciously unbothered son.

Today I heard that the Schnipper's on 23rd street is gone. It's gotta be recent, because that's where i went to go watch the "Cats" trailer when it premiered during my "Pain & Glory" screening. I am sad.

I love Chris Gethard on this @blankcheckpod  episode ... SO much. Too much? No, the perfect amount. Would subscribe for 100 hours of him being right about Star Wars.


Honestly, if it takes him five years to confirm the birth nation of one man, this whole mass deportation thing is gonna be mad slow.

Folks, I'm gonna need ONE scene of Gilly and Gendry just acknowledging each other's existence and the fact that they'll meet again some day as sexy high-schoolers in Bristol.

So the crux of "Civil War" is that Cap will fight the entire government and half his friends because he loves Sebastian Stan? Saaaaaame.

I don't normally sign up for stuff like this, but I'm happy to drag the shit out of "Good Morning America" for getting a room full of wine-mom tourists to outright laugh at the idea of putting a little boy in ballet classes. Lara Spencer can go back to her rummage sales.

Good things about the finale: - bringing back Edmure Tully just to laugh at him - Sansa's coronation ensemble - them literally doing the West Wing with Tyrion as Leo, Davos as Toby, Bronn as Josh, Brienne as CJ, and Sam as Sam - bringing back Ghost so you can shut up about Ghost

I'll tell you one thing: this all has been a hell of a way for me to find out that Billy Bush has been hosting the TODAY show.

First person to write a TV show for Jessica Walter and Alia Shawkat only wins.

When your moms are really good friends, but you don't have anything to talk about.

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