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Terrible pun but I love you anyway.

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“The Boris I know is a fighter,” says former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith, “he never gives up, his whole life has been about that”

Gordon Brown on Today alone seems to get the bigger picture: if stronger countries don’t help weaker countries defeat #COVID19 , we will never defeat it. It shows how obscenely stupid Trump is to try to requisition other nations’ medicine and equipment.

A friendship with conditions, is no friendship at all. BJP govt should reassess all that it's doing for foreign nations. PM Modi must prioritise the needs of our citizens first & foremost.

3rd T - Treatment As of today, against 525 patients, we have made 2,950 beds available only for COVID-19 However, we have made a very detailed plan for ramping up our capacities upto 30,000 patients, for which we will takeover hotels and banquet halls #DelhiFightsCorona 

1st T - Testing We will aggressively test to identify, treat, trace, quarantine and seal, along the lines of South Korea#DelhiFightsCorona 

Our data shows that for deaths that occurred up to 27 March, 1,568 involving #COVID19  were registered in England by 1 April compared with the 1,649 deaths reported by @NHSEngland 

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2nd T - Tracing As our testing is ramped up we will trace every single contact of positive cases through cellphone triangulation We will keep 24 hour tabs on those in home quarantine to ensure they're following it. We aim to be a few steps ahead of the virus #DelhiFightsCorona 

@StNicsSchool  Hi, if you have received your activation email please check the user guidance attached to it. This provides a step-by-step guide to ordering vouchers. If you have not received it, call the COVID-19 helpline on 0800 046 8687 open Mon–Fri 8am-6pm, weekends 10am-4pm.

Michael Gove says he is “not aware” that the PM has pneumonia #r4today