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Joan Walsh
i truly hope plannedparenthood rescinds its award to susan collins the aba withdrew its support for brett kava
I truly hope @PlannedParenthood rescinds its award to Susan Collins. The ABA withdrew its support for Brett Kavanaugh as "highly qualified" and opened an investigation into his behavior. She just proved she doesn't give a damn about women's rights.
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Donald J. Trump
thank you to the house republicans for sticking together and the big win today on the border todays vote simpl
Thank you to the House Republicans for sticking together and the BIG WIN today on the Border. Today’s vote simply reaffirms Congressional Democrats are the party of Open Borders, Drugs and Crime!
The Hill
@thehill 3 hours
just in senate blocks green new deal
Donald J. Trump
proclamation on recognizing the golan heights as part of the state of israel
“Proclamation on Recognizing the Golan Heights as Part of the State of Israel
mcconnells green new deal stunt shows how little gop has to offer on climate change
McConnell’s Green New Deal 'stunt' shows how little GOP has to offer on climate change
Nancy Pelosi
remember our founding fathers intended for the peoples representatives in the house to control how our governm
Remember: our Founding Fathers intended for the people’s representatives in the House to control how our government spends taxpayer dollars. 248 members of the House voted to end Trump’s #FakeEmergency today.
Robert Reich
imagine looking at the federal budget and thinking to yourself let s gut medicare slash social security and de
Imagine looking at the federal budget and thinking to yourself: Let's gut Medicare, slash Social Security, and defund the Special Olympics so we can buy more tanks we don't need and make the rich even richer.

Yet these are the people now in charge of our government.
Bernie Sanders
new zealand took less than a week to ban military style weapons after the christchurch mosque attacks it has b
New Zealand took less than a week to ban military-style weapons after the Christchurch mosque attacks.

It has been 405 days since Parkland.

It has been 2,293 days since Sandy Hook.

It is past time that we take on the NRA and pass gun safety legislation.
Bill Maher
democrats need to stop having faith in good republicans saving them it didn t come from comey or mueller or ro
Democrats need to stop having faith in "good" Republicans saving them. It didn't come from Comey, or Mueller, or Rosenstein, and it won't come from Kasich or Romney or William Weld or anyone else. You're going to have to do it yourself.
Bernie Sanders
the senate republican budget throws 32 million off healthcare cuts medicare and medicaid kicks 175000 kids off
The Senate Republican Budget:

- Throws 32 million off healthcare
- Cuts Medicare and Medicaid
- Kicks 175,000 kids off Head Start
- Denies nutrition assistance to 5 million pregnant moms and babies
- Provides more tax breaks to the Top 1%
The White House
the green new deal saga just got more absurd its own democrat cosponsors wouldn t even vote yes or no
The Green New Deal saga just got more absurd: Its own Democrat cosponsors wouldn't even vote yes or no.
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