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National Affairs Correspondent for The Nation; MSNBC political analyst; author, What's the Matter With White People? A great spokeslady for our race - @norawd

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We'll meet in the middle of the park! Where East Side meets West Side...
Just saw @BuffySteMarie sing “Universal Soldier” in Montreal. She’ll be in our documentary about the week in 1968 when @harrybelafonte hosted “The Tonight Show” and she’ll amaze you.
The Kafkaesque Situation in Virginia via @WNYCStudios great conversation with @jbouie and @amyewalter!
@PhilippeReines Don't know why more aren't stepping up -- there's a chance Trump won't even be able to run again, or he'll be a grievously wounded incumbent.
@johnastoehr @ESQPoliticsI le @TheRickWilsonarned we agree on one thing: she thinks it's very possible Trump doesn't serve out his term, and she hopes for that. Also: I hadn't realized Mickey Kaus had gone full Coulter.
I’ll join @ErinBurnett on @OutFrontCNN at 7:15 to talk about Andrew McCabe’s remarkable revelations. Please join us!
Lol this was from over a year ago but I still feel the same.

The Most Relevant

Maybe she can tell her stepsons to stop murdering them.
Harvey Weinstein gets indicted. Ireland overwhelmingly legalizes a woman's right to choose. It's a good day for women. And we're coming for you, .
I want to remind everyone about Virginia 2017: In the 13 races where pro-gun control Democrats squared off against NRA Republicans, Democrats won 12. Top of the ticket -- Northam, Fairfax and Herring -- had F NRA ratings, and all won. It's not hopeless.
I am overwhelmed by the support I've received today from all of you. And I'm thrilled to tell you I'll be heading to in the new year. Thanks to everyone who made this happen. A Christmas miracle.
The same week a Trump supporter sent 13 pipe bombs to Democrats, a racist shot two black people after trying to enter a Kentucky black church, and now there's an active shooter outside a Pittsburgh synagogue. Both sides? I don't think so.
A whole lot of people are angry at me today for calling a pig.

They think pigs deserve a lot better than that.

So I hereby apologize.
I truly hope @PlannedParenthood rescinds its award to Susan Collins. The ABA withdrew its support for Brett Kavanaugh as "highly qualified" and opened an investigation into his behavior. She just proved she doesn't give a damn about women's rights.
LOL: "Trump told aides he thought he looked “terrible” and blamed his chief of staff’s office for not counseling him that skipping the cemetery visit would be a public-relations nightmare." You're the president!
4 of the 5 justices in the majority were appointed by GOP presidents who lost the popular vote and confirmed by a Senate "majority" that represents a minority of the population. The 5th was accused of sexual harassment. 3 of 4 liberal justices are women. U.S. in a nutshell, y'all
Poor Heidi Cruz is whining about being the "primary breadwinner" when her husband makes $174K as a US Senator: "We're not buying a second home anytime soon." My heart hurts for them.
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