Joanna Cherry QC MP

Joanna Cherry QC MP

SNP MP for Edinburgh South West, SNP Spokesperson on Justice and Home Affairs, Queen's Counsel and Feminist.

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Six years ago #Indyref1  changed many lives across Scotland including my own. I’m #StillYes  because Scotland could do so much better for the people who live here & contribute so much more on the European & world stage if we ran our own affairs

I’ll be on @BBCr4today⁩  at about 740am talking about the Tories plans to curtail #JudicialReview  & my concerns for the autonomy of Scotlands#independent  legal system

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Huge if true. UK Govt plan to abandon their #EUWithdrawalAgreement  obligations in #InternalMarketBill.  Flagrant breach of international law. #RuleOfLaw  out the window- UK plan to undermine withdrawal treaty threatens Brexit trade talks

The UK Govt's disrespect for their international legal obligations is deplorable. They are taking us into a period of lawlessness. The head of the Gov legal division has resigned today, UK Gov law officers should consider their positions and resign too. @Lawyersforyes 

So many words of wisdom from this fine feminist lawyer but I think these are my favourite; “Women belong in all places where decisions are made.” May she rest in peace. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court’s Feminist Icon, Is Dead at 87