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I remain #TeamDylan, but David’s #TeamVinny all the way.
Bring stuff you can trade. Bolts of silk. Nylons.
@Vinny I need you to know that David screamed as loudly as you did when you won. #teamVinny 👏👏👏👏👏
‘The conclusion of populism is authoritarianism as its simple slogans can never survive contact with reality.’ @NickCohen4 on the similarities between Corbynism and Trumpism.
@LeftwingPoet Why so quiet? You’ve made a public accusation that I take very seriously. You’ve alleged that I’ve lied about my past in a particularly shameful way. Proof, please.
You understand what defamation is, right?
You know I can see this, right?
@JohnHope1985 You're right, I thought Corbyn was dim and incompetent before Brexit. I also think he's always been a Brexiteer at heart, in spite of the coming job losses, devastation of public services & demonisation of immigrants.
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