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Jim Tankersley

Jim Tankersley

Tax and economics reporter, The New York Times, DC bureau. Dad. Backpacker. Cardinal? Oregonian eternal.

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Black Americans will create the good jobs, if we can finish the work of civil rights. There is a long way to go. @mwanamak  has found that in terms of economic mobility, the penalty for being born black today is the same as it was in *1870*.

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Immigrant entrepreneurs will create good jobs. As the National Academies reported in 2016, immigrants have raised America's patenting per capita. Without them, the researchers wrote, "The prospects for long-run economic growth in the United States would be considerably dimmed"

America has all the material you'd want to rebuild a fast-growing, low-unemployment economy that pulls people into the middle class. Our workers -- our people -- are the riches of our land. And we are hiding them, to paraphrase the Beatitudes, under a bushel. (fin)

First review of the book, by Tal Fortgang, of viral "Why I'll Never Apologize for my White Male Privilege" fame a few years back. He likes some things! He doesn't like others!

An entire chapter of The Riches of This Land is a critique of the national news reporters - myself very much included - who wrote disproportionately about white workers in 2016 and thus missed a huge story. @jameshohmann  writes elegantly about that today:

Can't stand the stress of VP anticipation? Watch@KristenScholer  interview a first-time author about his new book!

What you should REALLY do while you wait for the Biden pick: Stream the new bonus @presidential_wp  episode on a very famous VP selection!!!

IDEA OF THE DAY in the flagship @nytimes  am newsletter "The Morning": How to Rebuild the Middle Class. (Thanks, & !) @IanPrasad  @sanam_yar 


McConnell: "I’m totally confident this is a revenue neutral bill. Actually a revenue producer." Republicans did not produce a single study that came close to backing that assertion up.

White House economists projected *last September* that a pandemic in the United States could kill 500k and inflict up to $4T in damage to the economy. They warned policymakers against conflating those risks with the cost of the common flu.

Fascinating leftover @CivisAnalytics  stat from this piece: Of Americans WHO OPPOSE LOCKDOWNS: Just over 5% are nonwhite workers who have personally lost a job in the crisis. Just under 70% are white workers who have *not* lost a job in the crisis.

Morgan Stanley analysts expect companies to pass only 13% of Trump tax cut savings directly to workers, vs 43% to share buybacks. For manufacturers, it's 9% / 47%.

"Your first sentence should be a question," our moderator tells the audience, "and you shouldn't have a second sentence." I am totally stealing this line.

One year after Trump imposed aluminum tariffs: *American cos. pay 20% more for aluminum than global competitors *No net job creation in the industry *USA still produces ~2/3 the aluminum as Norway, and 1/37 of China

If you're scoring at home, the president just announced a nearly $30 billion annual tax increase over the twitters.