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A Democratic candidate in a presidential debate (Warren) just talked about a problem being "on the supply side". (It was housing, not taxes, obvs)

Under President Trump, capital investment has now grown more slowly *after* tax cuts than before. @bencasselman ⁩ @uwsgeezer ⁩ & me:

I am breaking (and then immediately resuming) an October Tweeting Fast to implore you to read @noellecrombie 's jaw-dropping investigation into a relief agency I have long admired -- which refused to believe sexual abuse claims against its founder.

NBD, just @jeannasmialek  replicating and building on a Fed study about minimum wage increases boosting worker pay w/o visibly killing jobs.

The PW model treats debt reduction as pro-growth -- good for private investment in the economy. To score better w/ spending plans linked to a tax, those plans would need to be more pro-growth than debt reduction *in the model*.

It's a long way of saying: PW's model is unlikely to generate a more pro-growth score by also modeling Warren's spending plans, which it will in December. Other models could disagree. And BTW the room is packed for the @KentOnMoney  wealth tax event in Philly RN.

"He concluded his 14-minute video by calling on major league and Japanese teams to stop stealing signs." @dylanohernandez 


McConnell: "I’m totally confident this is a revenue neutral bill. Actually a revenue producer." Republicans did not produce a single study that came close to backing that assertion up.

Morgan Stanley analysts expect companies to pass only 13% of Trump tax cut savings directly to workers, vs 43% to share buybacks. For manufacturers, it's 9% / 47%.

"Your first sentence should be a question," our moderator tells the audience, "and you shouldn't have a second sentence." I am totally stealing this line.

One year after Trump imposed aluminum tariffs: *American cos. pay 20% more for aluminum than global competitors *No net job creation in the industry *USA still produces ~2/3 the aluminum as Norway, and 1/37 of China

If you're scoring at home, the president just announced a nearly $30 billion annual tax increase over the twitters.

A core promise of President Trump's economic policies -- on trade, taxes and regulation -- is that they will bring back a wave of jobs that had been outsourced and investment that was driven offshore. So far, there is no evidence of that.

Average annual discretionary spending growth: *Obama 1st term: +3% *Obama 2nd term: -2% *Trump 1st 3 fiscal yrs (pace): +4%

NEWS via : McConnell says he "misspoke" when he said no middle class fam would see a tax increase under Senate bill: