Chief Staff Kelly / Ukraine

—>> Trump’s former Chief of Staff Kelly compares his pressure on Ukraine to “an illegal order”. These are remarkable public comments. How will the president and his allies attack?

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Chief Staff Kelly / Ukraine

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Katigbak: To our esteemed Senators, thank you for the opportunity to speak out on behalf of ABS-CBN today. We are grateful for this chance and are hopeful that our integrity and values as an organization will shine through. #ABSCBNfranchise  LIVE:

Trump allies assembled lists of officials considered disloyal to president: report

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Gujarat: Students of Sola Bhagwat school stand near Sabaramti Ashram in Ahmedabad, with the national flags of India and the US, to welcome US President Donald Trump, the First Lady Melania Trump and other dignitaries who will visit the Ashram today.

Taj city ready to welcome US President Donald Trump; 3,000 artistes to present cultural programmes #NamasteTrump  #NamasteyTrump 

Get the first taste of spring of Nepal with busy bees and cherry blossoms in Kathmandu

Trump is about to endure vegetarian meals on India trip-- but friends admit 'I have never seen him eat a vegetable'

Gujarat: Entry of visitors begins at Motera Stadium in Ahmedabad, where US President Donald Trump will attend the 'Namaste Trump' event today. President Trump is arriving today in India, along with a high-level delegation.

@iamkarendavila  @IanEsguerraBIR : Total tax payment of ABS-CBN is P14,398,464,316.66 from 2016 to 2019, except for the income tax for 2019, which will be filed this April. This includes all taxes, not just corporate income tax. #ABSCBNfranchise  LIVE:

Joe Biden: "We're going to move into Super Tuesday as they call it, where there's significant African American vote. You can own this election. You're entitled to own it. It's yours to determine and I hope you just look me over."

BIR: For the past years, 2016-2019 except for the income tax of 2019 which is to be filed this April, the total tax payment of ABS-CBN is P14,398,464,316.66 billion. LIVE: