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Latest Scoops

New: US expecting #NorthKorea to return US troop remains in coming days - by my colleague @barbarastarrcnn https://t.co/KcHL5B44aH
GOP Sen @robportman calls it a policy: “As I have said for the last several weeks, I oppose the Trump administration’s policy of separating children from their parents. This is counter to our values.”
The dangers of a trade war are real. But there is no doubt #China practices unfair trade: severely restricting US businesses in China, banning top US tech companies, forcing US firms to transfer valuable technology & stealing US business secrets with impunity.
"I am considering exactly that" - John Kelly, March 6, 2017
Doubling down again: “DHS is no longer ignoring the law...DHS is no longer looking the other way” says DHS Sec Nielsen of #FamilySeparation
Notable warning from FBI Director Wray on Hill today: “Efforts to obstruct investigations are something we need to take extremely seriously at the federal level.”
FYI: there is already a space force. It’s called Air Force Space Command @AFSpace⁩
So it’s a punt: Supreme court sidestepped two major cases concerning partisan gerrymandering, allowing challenged maps in two states to stand for now.
Breaking: The Supreme Court has issued a ruling in a Wisconsin political gerrymandering case. We are in the air live now.
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