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Latest Scoops

Item 4- FBI interviewed Page in March 2016 about his contact with Russian intelligence earlier than previously known
Item 3- By September 2016, the FBI had already opened "sub-inquiries" into a number of Trump campaign associates, beyond Carter Page. The number is redacted.
Item 2- Dem memo states Steele’s role was properly disclosed in the Oct 2016 FISA application, incl his political motivations. Republican memo argued the FISA application failed to note that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and DNC were indirectly paying for Steele’s research
Item 1- Memo says: “FBI’s concern about and knowledge of Page’s activities..long predate the FBI’s receipt of Steele’s information..Steele’s reporting did not reach the counterintelligence team at FBI until mid-Sep 2016, more than 7 weeks after the FBI opened its investigation”
Its release is buried (likely intentionally) on the weekend but the Democratic Memo has some significant new information.
News on Democratic memo: House Intelligence Committee democratic staff has received the Democratic memo from the White House, and is reviewing the administration’s redactions, a senior committee official tells @jeremyherb
I did not expect the term “armed educators” to enter the national lexicon in my lifetime.
New: Coral Springs police upset at some Broward deputies for not entering school
Students at nearby Deerfield Beach High School turned out today to send a special message to students at #MarjoryStonemanDouglasHigh: #MSDStrong
As per court documents just filed in DC, Rick Gates will plead guilty to two criminal charges: conspiracy to defraud the U.S. and making false statements.https://t.co/NrFnPqNV9z
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