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If Donald Trump gets any more embarrassing we’re gonna have to start calling him Don Jr.

Did we really need Cyber Monday this year? I’ve been camped out in front of my laptop since March.

congratulations to @realDonaldTrump  on his well deserved silver medal!

Trump Administration resignations are piling up. They did not see this coming. They’re Not-sees.

I’m all for healing, but before we heal we need to make sure the surgery is finished. There’s a large cancerous tumor that still needs to be removed.

It’s time for Grandpa to hand over the keys.


We mashed up @BarackObama’s Bin Laden speech with @RealDonaldTrump’s al-Baghdadi speech, and the results are amazing

This is like being awake during your own surgery.

Tonight on #Kimmel  Colin Farrell#SacredDeer , , music from #AnnihilationBishop  Briggs & we make young girls #Dreamry  with the most popular band in the world! #BTSxJimmyKimmel 

If you too are disappointed in Sen@BillCassidy  #GrahamCassidy  let them know it - call (202) 224-3121

At the end of all this, let’s try to remember that the geniuses who told us not to worry about coronavirus are the same geniuses telling us not to worry about #climatechange 

I can think of no better metaphor for this presidency than Donald Trump not wearing a face mask to a face mask factory while the song “Live and Let Die” blares in the background.

We surprised #BTS  super Moms and made their daughters super jealous... #BTSxJimmyKimmel  #BTSArmy  @BTS_twt