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Jimmy Carr

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I'm back with a brand new series of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. Starting tonight at 9pm on @Channel4 

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Who's been watching my 3-part collection of riskiest jokes?

I missed getting heckled so much, that I requested them

As part of an encore a few years back (and with the help of the audience) we put together a countdown of 10 classic jokes. Watch below...

I’m back on the road for a socially distanced gig on Brighton beach.

Hannibal has always been great - enjoy the funny


I'm going to keep it classy. It would be ‘morally wrong’ and ‘hypocrytical’ to comment on another individual’s tax affairs.

Whenever the Prime Minister mentions me in Parliament why is it always about tax? He never mentions the 'Best of Tour' or Netflix Special?

Why is everyone giving Gary Glitter such a hard time - he just wants to settle down & have kids.

So not only has Ryan Giggs been in someone who's been in Big Brother, but his Brother has also been in someone his Big Brother has been in.

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Ok…’WE HAVE KIDNAPPED YOUR FAMILY, GIVE US $2 MILLION OR WE WILL SHOOT THEM’.

They should just rename X Factor ‘The People That Didn’t Get Through Last Year Try Again’.

If Sepp Blatter's staying I wouldn't be surprised if the next World Cup was held in Islamic State. (& I bet we're in the group of death)