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Mantua, Fairfax County residents, this little guy is at Glenbrook and Prince William without a collar. Just found him minutes ago. Is he yours? Is he lost? Contact me.
No tie for the Browns, as Tampa Bay kicked a field goal from roughly 5 miles away.
The Browns are about 2 minutes away from having two ties in a single season, first team to do that in the modern era of overtime.
Congratulations @EyeOnPolitics and Vikings fans everywhere. That defeat tastes bitter.
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That is Darnold's third interception of the day, but two of them were tipped balls.
Maybe you can argue the initial foot contact was just incidental, and the hand contact was just going for the ball, but pulling a knife on the receiver and stabbing him really should qualify as pass interference.
@SaintRPh Sam Darnold has never lost in a head-to-head matchup against a quarterback 17 years younger than him, either. Admittedly, those quarterbacks are not yet in kindergarten.
And the defense... got... tired. #Jets
Not a good game for Darnold, but he's getting absolutely no help: dropped passes, no running game, offensive lineman just falling down without making a block. #Jets
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