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In case you missed this yesterday in all the Weekly Standard/Mulvaney/Obamacare/Johnson & Johnson news…

I didn’t even mention some of the brave minority communities that popular culture or pop history have covered — Juan Seguin at the Alamo, the Tuskegee Airmen, the Buffalo Soldiers, the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment depicted in the movie Glory...

If you want to run for POTUS a 2nd time, you need a better plan than, “The American people suddenly realize what an awful mistake they made by rejecting me the first time and, driven by shame and regret, they swarm, en masse, to my now-obvious wisdom.”

Kind of small potatoes in comparison to the rest of the day’s news, but John Kasich is suddenly acknowledging he doesn’t have a good shot in a 2020 primary bid against Trump.

The Weekly Standard: an always-interesting magazine, with sterling writers and editors, the best of competitors. The world is a less interesting and informed place without it. Hopefully everybody finds good spots in other venues.
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Everybody’s been here a long while, everybody’s been contributing, everybody’s been adding something to what we are. God doesn’t waste material and while America hasn’t always lived up to its values, we eventually improved & thrived because of everyone.

America’s Cold War arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles might not have been built without Chinese-born computer scientist Wen Tsing Chow.https://t.co/lIMApjIIyA

There’s no transcontinental railroad without Chinese labor, no beating polio without Jonas Salk, and the moon landing probably wouldn’t have happened as quickly as it did without Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson.https://t.co/lIMApjIIyA

You can’t accurately tell the story of America without all this — from the Harlem Hellfighters of WWI to Jesse Owens defying Hitler’s notions of genetic superiority at the 1936 Olympics to Dorie Miller at Pearl Harbor to the Borinqueneers in Korea.https://t.co/lIMApjIIyA
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