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I am founder of @TheStreet & I run charitable trust portfolio Action Alerts PLUS. I also host @MadMoneyOnCNBC & blog daily on Booyah!

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If I enter that will they know everything about me!?
If I enter that will they know everything about me!?
Palo Alto needs to deliver on three long-term growth drivers to keep rising
.@RealMoney #StockoftheDay PepsiCo shares pop post-earnings in sharp contrast to rival Coca-Cola via @KevinCurranRM
New York's epic Amazon failure; Buffett's 13-F, traders play it safe into close via @Sarge986
Wix is ready to charge to a new high; buy a shallow dip via @BruceKamich
I don't dictate what people write at For 26 years writers have been independent of me. That's TF

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.@markbspiegel asks: Will Tesla reveal this key Model 3 data when it reports earnings? If not, why?
Don’t get too excited about Twitter technically !
Can Facebook just issue a statement that says "we did everything wrong imaginable and sold you out repeatedly"? That way there would be new no revelations $FB
Boeing CEO: We Will Beat Elon Musk's SpaceX to Mars via @BrianSozzi
It's pretty simple: you are supposed to raise rates if you think the GDP is accelerating and pause if you think it is decelerating. You do not use models. I can't believe our fed could be so wrong...
Incredibly sad news to report: Bug, our beloved rescue dog, was diagnosed with incurable cancer and had to be put to sleep. He was such a good boy and we are broken-hearted. Please donate to shelters in his honor and memory. We love you Bug
I think that Lacrosse will be a big sport in this country in about a decade as it moves west. It's fast-paced and exciting..
Wells Fargo--well i have had it. . @SenWarren go to work! this is not acceptable. No board member should stay,. No exec either
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