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Trump spent four years trying to erase Obama from the history books. Obama's VP is POTUS now, and Trump was the one missing today. Funny how that works.

@tedcruz  @SethrogenHow  'bout if you're two billionaire brothers looking to go on a fracking shopping spree w/ $35M in US gov-backed loans originally intended for smaller guys trying to survive a pandemic? Lee Harvey Oswald Cruz is for you, yeah, Tex? Sit this one out maybe.

Were you cryogenically frozen, Champ, and just thawed out?

You ask for some hot sauce and they bring Tabasco.

@RexChapman  Pleading with the 'grab 'em by the pussy,' creep-into-the-girls-dressing-room-at-the-teen-pageant, alligators-in-a-moat-under-the-wall-to-eat-migrants, dancin'-and-gigglin'-with-Jeffrey-Epstein casino bum guy to save you from the devil?

How do I frame this thread and hang it on folks' foreheads?

I got no foreheads on my wall yet doh.


May the election of Trump bring forth the fiercest, smartest, toughest generation of ass-kicking women this country could possibly imagine.

If a knee in Freddy Gray's back upset you as much a knee on the ground, this would be over.

A bomb exploded in the middle of a major American city on Christmas Day and the President of the United States makes no comment? I know we're talking about @realDonaldTrump , but come on.

Hi @VP  Mike Pence, Nazis marched again yesterday in Virgina. Yeah, they killed a woman last time out & maimed folks. But those knees, right?

Former Haitian dictator ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier “used a Panamanian shell buy apartment 54-K in Trump’s Manhattan tower for $446,875 cash. Trump signed the deed of sale.” When you forget you launder money through your shithole criminal syndicate.