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Heard/saw fire engines passing by my window. Brooklyn Hospital rep just sent me this - FDNY paying tribute to the hospital workers. Brooklyn for Life.

@IngrahamAngle  You're going with the "Who knew healthcare was so complicated? " circus clown who lost money running craps tables and thinks wind turbines cause cancer, I guess, eh?

Yo I got outta the shower and straight washed my hands. COVID on the brain.

#TrumpPressBriefing Damn. Missed it.

Heard this in the morning out of the corner of my ear. Stirred me. Powerful. "Man for the People" sidelined by Trump's 5-deferment corruption. Tried to disgrace him. Take note. Captain Crozier.

If my kitchen is an indication, household food waste in this country has been decimated by 95%. Too many hands & mouths at the grocery store. I'm saving chicken bones now to make pancake syrup. Bright side.

What's up with all the glitches, Twitter? You got time now. Fix shit.

4/3/20. 1726 meals. 4 medical facilities. 7 EMS stations. 9 restaurants. Brooklyn. Period. Go hard.✊🏾 US

After midnight. Friday. Pandemic. I'm older than I was. Kids asleep (maybe). Everyone’s ok. Some wine. Listen… We don’t make music like this anymore. Your ‘ho’. Your money. Your ‘bitch.’ Your fame. Keep that to yourself. Maybe just me, but I don’t give a shit now. Never did.


May the election of Trump bring forth the fiercest, smartest, toughest generation of ass-kicking women this country could possibly imagine.

If a knee in Freddy Gray's back upset you as much a knee on the ground, this would be over.

Watch a man's soul escape his body.

Hi @VP  Mike Pence, Nazis marched again yesterday in Virgina. Yeah, they killed a woman last time out & maimed folks. But those knees, right?

Joe Biden referred to an AR-15 as an AR-14. Who gives a fuck? Republicans are more outraged about that than they were when a gun nut murdered 20 first-graders in Sandy Hook with their beloved AR-15.

Former Haitian dictator ‘Baby Doc’ Duvalier “used a Panamanian shell buy apartment 54-K in Trump’s Manhattan tower for $446,875 cash. Trump signed the deed of sale.” When you forget you launder money through your shithole criminal syndicate.