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Had enough Brexit for one week? OF COURSE YOU HAVEN’T
We’re talking Tory splits, Labour splits and where May goes next on this week’s politics podcast with ⁦@OwenJones84⁩ ⁦@HenryNewman⁩ and ⁦@rafaelbehr⁩ https://t.co/d2pR1N4wK9
Brexiters optimistic that May will stand firm on customs union https://t.co/zAqDtuNpt3
Corbyn could face string of resignations if he backs 'people's vote' https://t.co/vnchCHosrM
After a day of phone calls very strong sense among those who have seen the PM that she is not minded to move towards customs union, priority very much seems to be winning her own party back. At least for now. But a lot of different prices being put on that support.
New - Prime minister writes to Corbyn again urging him to meet, saying she would be "happy to discuss" Labour's proposals and saying it is wrong for him to not allow his MPs to meet her
Lib Dems refuse to support future Labour no-confidence votes https://t.co/j7yFLNSllw
MPs pushing for a citizens’ assembly on Brexit are exploring ways to put the idea to parliament in an amendment next week. ⁦@CarolineLucas⁩ says she will raise with PM in their meeting this morning. https://t.co/ypwk3xOUbL
Tories warn of formal party split if May pursues compromise customs union. No10 has ruled it out, but some ministers think it is the only way. “At some point, the penny will drop,” one says. https://t.co/XpjSjf50SS
Lib Dem source suggests they have low tolerance threshold for more confidence votes. “We will support any real opportunity to take down the Tories with relish. We will not be party to Corbyn using spurious means to avoid Labour policy, by perusing unwinnable no confidence votes”
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