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More here but if you’ve got the stomach for it you really should read the whole 11,000 words https://t.co/bSoFu5qvfE
(as an aside, Cummings praising Ivan Rogers' forensic dismantling of politicians' Brexit comprehension is interesting too)
"Your threats are as empty as those from May/Hammond/DD to the EU. Say what you like, I will not come to your committee regardless of how many letters you send or whether you send characters in fancy dress to hand me papers."
"You talk of ‘contempt of Parliament’. You seem unaware that most of the country feels contempt for Parliament and this contempt is growing." - Dom Cummings replies to the DCMS committee https://t.co/KBXjodtKmH
Incredible story - Russian pranksters discuss Putin and Skripal in call with Boris Johnson https://t.co/kSrcwo1cQV
EU split over exclusion of UK from Galileo after Brexit https://t.co/bxqLvFO2pm
NEW: Daily Mail to pay Kate Maltby £11,000 costs over negative article that followed her Damian Green allegations, which has been taken down. She is donating half the sum to #TimesUp. https://t.co/henlUpV7aH
Dominic Cummings on the mistake of triggering Article 50 too soon (something many leavers in Westminster privately agree on) https://t.co/ns4XE79Qtw
Downing Street rejects HMRC chief's assessment of customs models, says full details are still being worked on “therefore any speculation about implementation is just that." Says "work is ongoing, anything else is therefore hypothetical."
DExEU committee has released the HMRC letter where Jon Thompson said it “would take a couple of years; and some could take around three years” to set up new customs arrangements
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