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Harrogate is also, crucially, the best and most beautiful town in the world, I can see why you’d want to go...
Can’t believe there’s a Leave means Leave rally today in my home town, one of only three places to back remain in the whole of Yorkshire....
It’s clever, but can’t realistically see
@Keir_Starmer signing up to an ERG wrecking amendment...
This is an important piece. Roaccutane is drug with a bad rep but it transformed my skin and that has an untold effect on your happiness. It was one of the best decisions of my teen years. Good to tell the positive stories about it, not the scaremongering https://t.co/jo46i6ga5L
Some thought-provoking things in this David Gauke interview, on Karen White and Anjem Choudary, but also the value of the rule of law in the age of populism, and a human-approach to justice, “sharing society” with rehabilitated ex-prisoners https://t.co/GkrGJmPCX7
Love this story so much - “People are saying I am the queen of Sweden.” https://t.co/saBIrCVVVb
Number 10 criticises Trump praise for attack on Guardian reporter https://t.co/AgYu9F1xMe
Fears from Tories tonight - “Things are not necessarily ‘just going to be OK'. Tory MPs should be under no illusion that our party’s long-term fate is inextricably linked to Brexit and the prime minister’s mishandling of it." https://t.co/gRdgtZ66QT
Extending the Brexit transition will cost billions and achieve nothing - @patel4witham writes https://t.co/Ew5vEzPWKy
Tory MPs round on 'desperate' May over Brexit transition https://t.co/3puTrSLsuh
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