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Sources suggesting one key take-away from today is the effectiveness of security measures in place, notes speed of mass police response and effectiveness of bollards
Home secretary Sajid Javid has travelled back from holiday tonight to deal with the aftermath of today's attack. PM is still away, but has been securely briefed, No 10 says. Chancellor is the ranking minister in the PM's absence.
Number 10 also says police have foiled 17 terror plots since March last year, 13 Islamist-inspired, 4 far-right.
Downing Street briefing in aftermath of Westminster attack today reveals live terrorist investigations have potentially hugely increased. Last figure given was "more than 500" in March - figure given today was 676 at the end of June.
Jeremy Hunt continues his subtle campaign to convince his colleagues about the dangers of a no-deal Brexit, by expressing it as a warning to the EU https://t.co/jVxciXY6Ji
Horrible news in Westminster this morning, really hope everyone is ok. We’re so lucky to have such brilliant people protecting us there every day.
Thousands of ex-prisoners likely to be sleeping rough, FOI reveals.

Around one in six former prisoners were classified as unsettled, likely to mean sleeping rough or another form of homelessness

Understand today’s green paper will drop plans to force the sale of council homes in areas with high-value properties, a proposal from 2015 which had been fiercely opposed by councils https://t.co/r7P6noSV36
Labour MP Fiona Onasanya pleads not guilty today at Old Bailey to one count of perverting course of justice, jointly with her brother Festus. He is charged on two more separate counts, also pleads not guilty.
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