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Formerly at Bear Stearns then co-founder of multi-billion-dollar hedge fund firm. Now an independent investor and publisher at The Felder Report.

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Normally when unemployment is this low and consumers feel this good, the Fed Funds rate is positive in real terms by at least 3%. Not today.
Amazon's growth is facing government scrutiny in US and abroad https://t.co/LjrRh6KHFt
In some cases, employees at these app companies have read people’s actual emails in order to improve their software algorithms. https://t.co/hq2CqxWinV
NYC Home Sellers Are Cutting Prices Like It’s 2009—And Then Some https://t.co/4limlxQgXd
‘People tend to be myopic, and that brings some very dangerous behaviors. Unfortunately we're starting to see that again, with a lot of people seeming to be of the opinion that the stock market can't go down.’ https://t.co/R9WjF4K7rH
‘Economic rivalries often lead to fighting in order to establish which entities are most powerful. In these periods, we have war economies, and after them, markets, economies, and geopolitics all experience the hang-over effects.’ -@RayDalio https://t.co/nDpXDcjuYH
‘A 25 percent bump at the wholesale level could end up being a 40 or 50 percent increase by the time something gets to the sales floor.’ https://t.co/fQoeKNmOHW
You would be foolish to ignore the dramatic change in the world’s attitude towards economic policy. “Tight fiscal and easy monetary policy” is being replaced with “easy fiscal and (somewhat) tighter monetary policy”. https://t.co/fQMCPQbxrM
‘The bond market doesn’t believe in the inflation story. This sets up for a very interesting 2019.’ https://t.co/RGOqjxVBWH
Leveraged Loans Are Flying Off the Shelves As Risk Ratchets Higher https://t.co/dYBD8Edbrm
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