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Formerly at Bear Stearns then co-founder of multi-billion-dollar hedge fund firm. Now an independent investor and publisher at The Felder Report.

Latest Scoops

‘At Citigroup, the derivatives book of $44tn is about 50 per cent bigger than it was heading into the financial crisis.’ https://t.co/WCbz2qyTNr
US stock-focused funds took in a record $38.3 billion in fresh cash over the past week https://t.co/ihgoTnQJHt ht @michaelsantoli
In January alone, tech funds received $3.9 billion in inflows, the most in a single month for such funds since March 2000—the peak of the dot-com bubble. https://t.co/TPSinNz0VQ
‘In the race for global supremacy, a country that is not investing for the future is bound to fall behind those that are.’ https://t.co/DItslWu8h4 by @WhatILearnedTW
‘Big tech is looking to kill innovation.’ https://t.co/sDP2RXmf1I
‘China imports more chips than it does crude oil and gas, a top scientist said on Thursday, warning this reliance on imported chips poses a security threat to the country.’ https://t.co/VljuqwV5XT ht @Steen_Jakobsen
FANG Rally Is Outpacing the Heyday of the Tech Frenzy https://t.co/Nix1FAJJu4
Hangover Grips U.S. Corporate Bond Market After Investors’ Binge https://t.co/JD0mcrhGwL ht @lisaabramowicz1
Leveraged ETF Rebalancing Approaches 2011 Levels https://t.co/NDxNgDrHWC via @SoberLook
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