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"Jack"; "Rose" "Jack" "Rose"...
'Jack'; 'Rose' 'Jack' 'Rose'...


Justin Rose secured another win thanks to a final-round 62(!!!). https://t.co/7OBCKiHlTV
Rose McGowan is calling out actresses, including Meryl Streep, for their decision to wear black to the Golden Globes in "silent protest" https://t.co/eAnF0SjrPn
Justin Rose wins Indonesian Masters by eight shots https://t.co/YUb6e6cJCL
ICYMI: Jack Nicklaus will not be watching Tiger's comeback. "I'm not interested at all," he said. https://t.co/TLS3A0dCKC
An afternoon in the company of Jack Black, the most mischievous man on the planet https://t.co/S7UPPwURwM
Kelly Marie Tran makes history as #StarWarsTheLastJedi mechanic Rose Tico: https://t.co/0PK7VYRU1e
Kate Winslet has come a long way since she played ‘Rose’ in Titanic and has worked with numerous note-worthy directors since. #20YearsOfTitanic
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