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Jerry Saltz: Senior Art Critic; New York Magazine.

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After hours of looking at art in galleries, and while everyone else goes for drinks or opening dinners - we do pizza. Then home, happily. Or like tonight, up to a couple of shows at the Cooper Hewitt on Fifth Ave. 91st St. Criticism never sleeps babes. ❤️❤️
What's 24-months out of the last 50,000 years of art?? Xo
For the last year or so I've been on an idiot mission to say that NO MALE ARTIST SHOULD SHOW FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS. That's all. Not in galleries or museums. Just women. See what happens. #MenLayFallow (images by Rachel Harrison)
About 98% of architects are idiots with ideas. This building in Bangkok is pretty cool, though.
Lew and Susan Manilow bought my work when I was an artist in the 1970s: RIP: "Former President Obama on Lewis Manilow: "just one of those people whom it was a joy to know." https://t.co/MevVydOh3O via @Suntimes
Your thoughts?? "11,000 Demanded the Met Remove This Painting. They Won’t." https://t.co/QjgCPqQ84V via @vulture
Why is this not THE news!?! The Perimeter of the Thomas Fire as of late Wednesday, December 13, 2017.
Why is this not THE news!?!? The Thomas Fire is still raging across Santa Barbara and Ventura counties northwest of Los Angeles. King Turd should be talking about this 24/7!
As an older person who loves Em, I sadly agree with every word of this review dismantling all that's wrong with this latest offering. "On Revival, Eminem Tries Everything, But It Doesn’t Always Work" https://t.co/3a8gGvTfGV via @vulture
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