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Nevada’s delegate count is a great lesson in how Democratic muddling could help Sanders in CA etc. Sanders and Biden won 52% of the statewide popular vote. That translated to 67% of the country convention delegates – and 100% of the statewide DNC delegates. (1/3)

In other words, 48% of the statewide vote went to candidates who missed the threshold (15% for any delegates). Buttigieg only got delegates at all by running strong in CD2 (Reno) and CD3 (Vegas burbs). (2/3)

Against all odds, Harvey Weinstein has been found guilty of rape and sexual assault. This is history

WILD STORY: @Andy Khawaja claims (without evidence) that GEORGE NADER helped the Saudis & Emiratis illegally funnel millions in small donations to TRUMP in 2016. * Khawaja & Nader were indicted last year for illegal donations to @HillaryClinton  & others.

The caucus calculations helped Sanders and the caucuses are mostly over. But if delegates were assigned to the statewide *popular* vote, only Sanders/Biden/Buttigieg would have delegates. They got 67% of the popular vote; votes for other Dems basically tossed in the trash. (3/3)

A family member of a U.S. service member has been diagnosed with coronavirus -- officially called COVID-19 -- in South Korea, as the number of cases in that country continues to explode.

Mail ballot drop-off locations open today at 61 locations around the county.

DATA DOWNLOAD: Joe Biden has been counting on strong support from African-Americans, but a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Bernie Sanders is closing the gap. Black voters are almost equally enthusiastic/comfortable with Sanders or Biden. #MTP 

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Should China continue to build ships at the same rate it does today, it could have 430 surface ships and 100 submarines within 15 years:

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