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Latest Scoops

Great to watch the #WorldCupFinal with Jubba Youth Community Association, an organisation that uses football to support young people.

This tournament has shown the power of football to inspire and bring people together.

Thanks @platformhub for putting on the game.
All children deserve the education that the #DurhamMinersGala provides.

That's why schools should teach children about the trade union principles of solidarity and collective action, so they are equipped to uphold their rights as workers.
The #DurhamMinersGala shows the strength of our movement.

History teaches us that those at the top never conceded anything without it being demanded from those below.

That's why the trade union movement is essential to us building a country that works for the many, not the few.
Always great to catch up with Dennis Skinner, a giant of the trade union movement.

Trade unions have been vilified for too long.

Schools need to teach children about the principles of solidarity and collective action and equip them to uphold their rights as workers. #DurhamMinersGala

Really looking forward to today's @DurhamGala.

The Gala reminds us what we can achieve when we stand together to fight for our common goals of peace, prosperity and social justice.

My Northern Echo article on the #BigMeeting

https://t.co/1CMBr6gjHm #durhamminersgala
Our message today to President Donald Trump was: We're united in our hope for a world of justice not division.

#TrumpProtest #TrumpVisitsUK
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We’re asserting our right to free speech and our right to demonstrate for a better world.

When we divide ourselves by racism, misogyny and hate, we all lose.

When we are united in hope, with common goals, we can all win.

#TrumpProtest #TrumpVisitsUK
Donald Trump is visiting Britain but has avoided meeting any ordinary people. #TrumpVisitUK #TrumpProtests
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Earlier this week I met Arab ambassadors from across the region. We spoke about how to work together on a range of issues including the refugee crisis, ending conflict and building peace.
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