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As part of an effective response to the Salisbury attack, the Government should introduce an Oligarch Levy and other measures to tackle corruption and stop the flow of dirty money into the UK.

Neo-liberalism is an ideology that ruins communities and ruins lives. It's an ideology that this Government is still absolutely wedded to as they continue to wreak havoc with their incessant cuts. #LabNorth18
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Today I am supporting the #FamiliesTogether Bill to change the unfair Home Office rules which prevent refugee children bringing their close family members to join them in the same way an adult can.

Labour respects the right to a family life.
On Tuesday, the Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered a #SpringStatement which ignored the crisis that eight years of austerity has created in our economy. You cannot cut your way to prosperity.
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The use of nerve agents on our streets is barbaric and beyond reckless.

The Russian authorities must be held to account. And the Government must do more to tackle the oligarchs and their ill-gotten cash.
Today, university staff take their 13th day of strike action to defend their pensions. Our education staff deserve security in retirement. I urge @UniversitiesUK to return for fresh negotiations with @ucu to end this dispute and avoid further disruption to students.
Are you under 27 years old and a member of the Labour Party?

If you are, then you have until midday tomorrow to elect your Young Labour representatives.
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Today marks four years since we lost Tony Benn. It was lovely to catch up with @Melissa_Benn to remember her father, a titan of our movement and a great friend of mine.
Today, I asked @Theresa_May whether she agrees that NHS funding is inadequate. #PMQs
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The attack in Salisbury was an appalling act of violence, which we condemn in the strongest terms.

The Russian authorities must be held to account on the basis of the evidence and our response must be both decisive and proportionate.

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