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Los mejores deseos y solidaridad a los votantes Chilenos en Gran Bretaña, Chile y alrededor del mundo en las elecciones presidenciales de hoy. Buena suerte a Alejandro Guiller, candidato apoyado por los partidos progresistas.
As of today Dennis Skinner is the longest continuously serving Labour MP.

He is a hero of our movement and as formidable now as he has ever been.
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Best wishes and solidarity to Chileans voting in Britain, Chile and around the world in presidential elections today. Good luck to Alejandro Guillier, the candidate backed by progressive parties.
This Tory Government is in the pockets of the property speculators and the rogue landlords.

The next Labour Government will be on the side of tenants and people without a home of their own. #PMQs
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Thanks to @ChangePlease for their work helping homeless people.

But it shouldn't be down to them. It's the Government’s responsibility to provide a national response to the homelessness crisis, ensuring that everybody has somewhere to call home.
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Families at the mercy of property speculators and rogue landlords are being forced out of their homes. When will this Tory Government act?

Families waiting for Universal Credit support will be left without money to buy dinner and presents this Christmas. The @Conservatives must pause and fix the programme. now. https://t.co/Ul9WRSfq7o
We must ensure that bereaved families and survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire have confidence in the public inquiry.

Please sign and share their petition.

Today marks six months since the devastating fire in Grenfell Tower.

We must ensure the victims, survivors and community get justice.
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This defeat is a humiliating loss of authority for the Government on the eve of the European Council meeting. https://t.co/QWqAAvVtRk
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