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Instead of taking back control, this Tory Government is giving away our say and paying for the privilege.
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A Labour government will ban fracking immediately.
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Today in Geneva I spoke to UN Commissioner @mbachelet about workers’ rights and human rights.

The Tories want to use Brexit for a race to the bottom in standards.
Labour will transform a failed system to deliver better jobs and rights for UK workers and communities.
Twenty years ago I was proud to join the campaign to extradite Pinochet for his crimes against the people of Chile.

Today I am in Geneva meeting Michelle Bachelet who was imprisoned and tortured by Pinochet's regime. She later became the first woman President of Chile.
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To solve the refugee crisis, we must learn from the humanity we once showed, and listen to people like @Harryslaststand.

Credit: UN Refugee Agency
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It's #WearRedDay. I fully support #ShowRacismtheRedCard and the important work it does.

Well done to everyone showing their support today.
Austerity has consequences. It must end, and end now.

To stop us repeating the mistakes of our past we must learn about our history.

That’s why Labour will improve the teaching of Black British history and establish an Emancipation Educational Trust. #AntiSlaveryDay

We will educate the next generation of doctors, engineers, and skilled workers.

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This community in Derbyshire opposes fracking but the Tories are refusing to listen.

They're forcing through dangerous plans that will affect communities across the country.
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