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News Corp national technology editor, award-winning gadget obsessive, cat slave. Does a prolific use of Twitter count as gonzo journalism?

Latest Scoops

Thank you, SBS, for putting the “special” in Special Broadcasting Service. Might actually get to watch the World Cup tonight.
Is there any chance *at all* that @OptusSport can call SBS for World Cup broadcasting help? They should be able to keep a phone call connected, at least. https://t.co/KJYunP3Ly1
Found this old photo hiding on my Samsung Gear 360: looking up at New York's Times Square.
Every time I talk to Uber about flying g cars, it seems a little less crazy. Keen to see them fly into Sydney or Melbourne. https://t.co/Ds4R0GzhAS
Just in case anyone wants to read a more balanced take on the Fortnite phenom, I talked to experts who had actually played the game for this story. #justsaying https://t.co/UDb3Aa7RJw
Guess who doesn't have her voice back to yell but just won @hqtrivia for the fourth time?
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Just realised that Trump and Kim are meeting at the same time as @hqtrivia kicks off and I NEED TO SEE THEM IN A TRIVIA FACE-OFF! #TrumpKimSummit
Today Bitcoin looks a bit like me when the caffeine wears off.
Samsung's prettiest smartwatch has dropped $200, for those of an EOFY mindset. https://t.co/SlmzlW7ciR
Horn vs Crawford is kicking off but Facebook and Twitter have promised to shut down streams fast this time. https://t.co/ja3d6DhFDo
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