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News Corp national technology editor, award-winning gadget obsessive, cat slave. Does a prolific use of Twitter count as gonzo journalism?

Latest Scoops

Scored a clacky, fresh keyboard! And it was definitely because it had bits of ceiling in it and not because my evil twin spilled Red Bull two weeks ago, trapping said bits of ceiling. #partylikeajournalist
A Nationals staffer sent a journalist a text wishing “painful cancer” on her family, but the Deputy PM said the employee was “on a day off from his work” and didn’t mean to send it.

Oh. Okay. https://t.co/SyuFenQGp2
Australia is awesome. Faith restored.
Tech the halls: there’s an epic Christmas gadget gift guide hiding inside this story, it was fun to research, and I’ll take one of everything, thanks. Via ⁦@dailytelegraph⁩ https://t.co/WwUITjqL4U
Getting ready to show off fresh, life-changing gadgets in @YourMoneyAus before 5pm, including some new favourites.
A company just offered to give me a free brain scan at #CES2019 and I'm not convinced a Las Vegas convention centre is the best venue for this sort of thing and I'm scared...
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A Washington Post alert just popped up on my phone, alerting me to a story the Australian media cannot publish. #smh
Officially cleared to cover #CES2019 in Las Vegas!
Aaand I just looked up how much caffeine there is in 5-Hour Energy. (Spoiler: a lot.) https://t.co/rvCobFk0MO
Genuinely laughed out loud at @GavinDFernando's description of Mike Pence in this story. https://t.co/HkSV5I2aS4 via @newscomauHQ
At 378 pages, it's not a quick read, but anyone concerned about privacy and journalism should get a lot out of it. https://t.co/UOrQOlm34b
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