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News Corp national technology editor, award-winning gadget obsessive, cat slave. Does a prolific use of Twitter count as gonzo journalism?

Latest Scoops

Uber will add an emergency button to its app in Australia, following recent assault investigations. https://t.co/Ht9ZP1AsND
The Federal Government has slammed Google and Facebook for failing to act on a string of fake celebrity endorsements designed to "hoodwink honest Australian consumers". https://t.co/EudhY9HRGR via @couriermail
Finally got to photograph Brisbane’s spaghetti junction at sunset. And I continue to be impressed by the DJI Mavic 2 Pro... even as a noob. #dronephotography
Huge Saturday. Much running around. Much fun. No stopping. Much exhaustion. Finally sat down. Apple Watch 4 says heart rate dropped too low. Oh, come on!
This is a trap, isn’t it? Transfer your US book account to Amazon Australia sounds a bit like move to a smaller bookstore with higher prices.
So is anyone queueing outside Sydney's Apple Store yet?
"Man who ate 100 plates of sushi banned from all-you-can-eat buffet" <-- I have a new life goal. https://t.co/5nTHG8VcQO
Sewing needles are being withdrawn from shelves because this strawberry scandal can actually get dumber. https://t.co/sCIcAnlojn
@couriermail Apple Watch 4 Fun Fact: if you're 65 or over, Fall Detection is turned on automatically. So now I know the precise moment I'll be considered old.
"If you’re concerned about heart palpitations, you should probably see a doctor rather than an Apple Store." <-- When you're reviewing the bu#AppleWatch4t you're not really a medical professional. vihttps://t.co/XRUCdN8fyXa @couriermail
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