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News Corp national technology editor, award-winning gadget obsessive, cat slave. Does a prolific use of Twitter count as gonzo journalism?

Latest Scoops

Can someone please tell Sydney to move some of these boats out the way? They’re blocking my view.
Dear Sydney,
It is possible to install air conditioning in trains, you know.
I’d like to thank @Qantas for making Stupid O’Clock flights more palatable by pumping out Last Christmas by George Michael. 👏🏻
Future cable #NBN users no longer have a due date. This does not bode well, does it?
Anyone ready for a second run at Amazon Australia? It's planning a big Boxing Day Sale. No, seriously. https://t.co/BmRyYt5sVa via @dailytelegraph
So Litecoin went on a price rampage overnight, making me look like a financial genius and not someone who specialises in "journalist maths". https://t.co/sNX9ZNeR78
What's a fidget spinner, how to make fluffy slime, why is my poo green: Australians ask @googledownunder weird stuff. https://t.co/Pt2VjHdhcI via @newscomauHQ
The dog ate my homework. I must have missed your email. A hacker made me call the Prime Minister a cranky prick. All reasonable excuses. https://t.co/qGVtHfj8cd
As a cryptocurrency investor since yesterday, I endorse the Winklevi's bold bitcoin prediction. https://t.co/ddbYLJWPL7 via @newscomauHQ
GoPro dropped the price of its two last models, the Hero5 and the Session, today. Curious pre-Christmas timing. https://t.co/7yzZaMa0AY
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