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News Corp national technology editor, award-winning gadget obsessive, cat slave. Does a prolific use of Twitter count as gonzo journalism?

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Oh good. Barnaby Joyce is resigning as Deputy PM to write a book. Parliamentary Mills & Boon?
The more serious the announcement, the bigger Barnaby’s hat. #auspol
Looks like Barnaby is about to kick off the first of many casual Fridays. #auspol https://t.co/dt4j92bBj4
Looks like @ACCCProdSafety just discovered the delights of cheap, weird stuff at Daiso.
So Australia's Acting PM is live-blogging behind me right now. You can ask him questions here - https://t.co/7T0F8POKW0 - but I'll be sitting up straight and hoping my messy desk doesn't qualify as a national security risk.
Ignored email this morning.
Upside: one big story written!
Downside: everyone's angry!
Oh well.
Sending borrowed AirPods back to Apple today and I really hope they clean them with a high-pressure hose or similar. #partylikeajournalist
We will survive the Telstra iMessage outage of 2018. We can do this. We can, you know, just send texts.
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How to be outsmarted by a four-year-old
Me: Alexa, set a reminder for 5 minutes: “bathtime”
4yo: Alexa, set a reminder for 1000 minutes
Alexa: Setting a reminder for 16 hours and 40 minutes
Keen to hear whether other Aussies can see Facebook's know-it-all VPN service in the app's menu too. It's listed under 'Protect' and I would NOT recommend using it. https://t.co/2lWKzIZ0Bs
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