Jenan Moussa

Jenan Moussa

Roving reporter Arabic Al Aan TV. I mainly report on Middle East topics. Specialized in checking garbage bins for secret documents &ISIS laptops. Horse Rider.

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What a cruel cruel world. @hushamalhashimi 's body leaving the morgue after his assassination last night in front of his house in Baghdad. 😢 He was a good man. Rest in peace my friend. @akhbar 

Hisham Al-Hashimi leaves behind a wife and 4 kids. They need our support. You can help. Fund organized by @farhad965  #هشام_شهيد_الوطن

Spot the difference. Erdogan in English: Hagia Sophia's doors will be, as is the case with all our mosques, wide open to all, whether they be foreign or local, Muslim or non-Muslim. Erdogan in Arabic: Revival of Hagia Sophia is a sign towards return of freedom to AlAqsa mosque.

11/ So what will Lily do?, I asked her. She said she doesn't know yet. "I'm thinking of contacting a lawyer to get advice. I can't tell my parents. And I can't reveal my identity. At the other hand, this monster must pay a price. He cant just do a crime and walk like a free man."

Wow. This too is #Lebanon . Between the pillars of the world famous Bacchus temple they rehearse "O Fortuna" for the #Baalbak  festival, which this year will be held without an audience due to coronacrisis. ♥️ LB

Hayete 😘 I am in awe of the courage of Egyptian ladies who are speaking out. Respect and power to them 🙏


When American troops first arrived in North Syria, kurds received them as heroes with flowers and ululation. Now terrified Kurds in Syria are throwing tomatoes and stones at departing American forces. @akhbar 

What a powerful clip to raise awareness about domestic abuse. ?

I love to see Palestinians dancing and having fun. Good &positive stories deserve to go viral as well. Watch this:

The Olympics 2020 might be postponed but at least now we got rooftop tennis. This in the Italian city of Liguria. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Dads are superheroes. A girl fell on to train tracks in Egypt. Her dad jumped behind her, hugged her and shielded her little body till the moving train passed. They both survived. @akhbar 

This is beautiful. Beethoven’s Ode to Joy sang in Arabic by Lebanese protesters. ??

One person's mistake can affect us all. Be responsible. Practice social distancing. #COVID19