Jenan Moussa

Jenan Moussa

Roving reporter Arabic Al Aan TV. I mainly report on Middle East topics. Specialized in checking garbage bins for secret documents &ISIS laptops. Horse Rider.

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When ISIS attacked Sinjar in 2014, they executed elderly Yazidi women because they couldn't use them as sex slaves. Yes, it was that perverse. Today Iraq starts exhumation of remains of elderly Yazidi women from a mass grave in Sinjar region. @akhbar 

Attacker in Nice is reportedly 21 years old, originally from Tunisia. He arrived in France at the beginning of October. @akhbar 

@waltshaub  @KarenAttiahI  would love to add the following inspiring female reporters who are from the Middle East and do amazing work in the region. @Raniaab  @zkaram  @GebeilyM  @dalalmawad  @mayssaf24 . @Abihabib ..

May your mom and the other victims finally rest in peace 🙏

I hope it's just a mistake and they will activate it soon. Strange by @YouTube !

Dont let yourself be fooled. This is not spontaneous anger at all. These are extremist groups from Tripoli busing mainly poor people with black banners from North Lebanon to Beirut to "protest" infront of French embassy.


Massive explosion rocks Beirut. I checked on my family there before posting. Our house was shaking but everyone is okay. This is insane! @akhbar 

What a powerful clip to raise awareness about domestic abuse. ?

When American troops first arrived in North Syria, kurds received them as heroes with flowers and ululation. Now terrified Kurds in Syria are throwing tomatoes and stones at departing American forces. @akhbar 

I love to see Palestinians dancing and having fun. Good &positive stories deserve to go viral as well. Watch this:

The Olympics 2020 might be postponed but at least now we got rooftop tennis. This in the Italian city of Liguria. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

Dads are superheroes. A girl fell on to train tracks in Egypt. Her dad jumped behind her, hugged her and shielded her little body till the moving train passed. They both survived. @akhbar 

This is a video filmed by someone who was standing on his balcony close to the port of #Beirut  . First you see big plumes of smoke followed by small explosions on ground level and finally an enormous explosion. I hope the person who filmed this is safe. @akhbar