I always hesitate to call something best ever because I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but I am struggling to think of a better NBA All-Star game intro than this one.

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It’s been one year since @KingJames  learned Alex Caruso’s bounce is no joke 💀

Christianity is about having a relationship with the God of this universe through His son, Jesus. It’s certainly not about being perfect.

#MCFC have confirmed they will not be furloughing any of their non-playing staff due to the coronavirus outbreak.

When LeBron & Dwight Howard had a dunk off for a Big Mac & fries. Special cameo at the end!

Night 1 of #WrestleMania  was incredible! Thrilled I wasn’t facing @theundertaker  until I realized I step into #FireflyFunhousehe  TONIGHT. I have a feeling it’s gonna get .... weird. Tune into @WWENetworkhe  TONI @WWEE !

Shaq says he used to let these players shoot because he loved their game: ▫️ White Chocolate ▫️ Vince Carter ▫️ Tracy McGrady ▫️ Allen Iverson "I could’ve blocked [Iverson’s] shot multiple times, I just didn’t want to" (via @SimmsAndLefkoe )

27 years ago today, North Carolina won the National Championship after Chris Webber called a timeout Michigan didn't have.

A double for Eden! 😍 #OnThisDay  v Man City in 2017! 💪