Jemele Hill

Just remember, these are elected officials and our tax dollars are being used for this

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The greatest theft ever captured on film 🍦

Disney+ has arrived, y'all. The best way to find it is by downloading the Disney Plus App or going to . I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS.!!! #LookOutWorld 

And almost run over getting off the streetcar. Happy Tuesday to all the skiers and not to any of the drivers.

O’Rourke says an anonymous witness has come forward who says they saw testosterone vials in Sutton’s fridge & saw him inject it at his house in the back end of the 90s, early noughties.” “Laughable” says a furious Sutton, and denies it.

Maryland and Virginia will partner to widen the American Legion Bridge, the area's worst traffic bottleneck, governors say

Soccer newsletter: @SoundersFC  win in @MLS  Cup final was no accident

Like his fans, Don Cherry will no doubt be watching on Saturday night, and we’ll all be waiting to see what happens after the first period. Raju Mudhar: