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Q. “Is Russia still targeting the US, Mr. President?”
Trump: "No." (shaking his head)

Last week DNI Dan Coats:
“Frankly, the United States is under attack.”
President Trump speaks at the Cabinet Meeting today. Asked whether Russia is still targeting the U.S., he answers: "No." Video coming now on @CNN.
Happy to have taken Air Wolf back from Helsinki (aka British Air.) We’re back at the White House and will join you shortly...https://t.co/TXrGljlQZm
The adage comes to mind: If you're explaining, you're losing. Even more extraordinary than this clean-up attempt is the fact that it's taking place more than 24 hours after the fact -- not in the television interview he did or the Tweets he sent from Air Force One.
At the end of his remarks, President Trump doesn't answer whether he will publicly condemn Vladimir Putin. His comments will be seen shortly on @CNN
President Trump is addressing Helsinki fallout now at the White House, saying he has faith and support for the U.S. intelligence community, a day after siding with Russia's firm denials.
One of the most blistering Trump editorials I can recall from the @WSJ, saying he “marched through Europe with more swagger than strategy.” Never mind America First, the normally friendly editorial page says, it’s the “Trump First Doctrine.”
The first GOP statement in my in box from ⁦@BenSasse⁩
HELSINKI RECAP: With the world watching, President Trump stood at Vladimir Putin’s side and acknowledged more forcefully than ever before that he, the 45th American president, believes the Russian president more than the U-S intelligence community.
Since well before the election, Trump has repeatedly argued that he Russia wanted Clinton to win.

Today, we get the answer straight from Putin himself.

"Did you want Donald Trump to win?" @jeffmason1 of Reuters asks.

Putin: "Yes I did."
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