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The full story on the Bolton-Kelly fight that rattled the West Wing today. @kaitlancollins and I report: https://t.co/MpCxLJ71gf
The topcoat is back! On a sun-splashed fall day in Washington, with a temperature of 57, the president dons his favorite black wool coat as he heads West for three day campaign swing.
President Trump, who was incensed about the rising levels of migrants and threatened to shut down the southern border, took Bolton’s side. Despite worry Kelly might quit, a WH official said later tempers had cooled and Kelly was not going to leave.https://t.co/NUQ8dVrOLi
A heated argument in the West Wing between John Kelly and John Bolton over a surge in border crossings turned into a shouting match Thursday, two sources told CNN, laying bare a bitter disagreement simmering between two top Trump aides for weeks, @kaitlancollins and I report.
POMPEO: "There are lots of stories out there about what happened. We are going to allow the process to move forward, to allow the facts to unfold..."
Secretary of State Pompeo said he told President Trump to give Saudis a few more days to reach their conclusions....
Powerful Op-Ed page in today’s ⁦@washingtonpost⁩ ...
President Trump has dug a moral hole through the middle of America's foreign policy -- and he's not sorry at all. A smart news analysis from @StCollinson https://t.co/JXpy379tTF
Trump's Saudi embrace was always complicated — a smart look at the geopolitical of Trump, Kushner, MBS embrace from @StCollinson https://t.co/reATsSP4zJ
Kanye visits the Oval Office today and says something you won't hear on TV: “Let’s stop worrying about the future all we have is today .... Trump is on his hero’s journey right now. He might not have thought he’d have a crazy mother-fucker like (me).”
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