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Much to discuss on Inside Politics. @jpaceDC, @mkraju, @rachaelmbade and I join @JohnKingCNN around the Sunday table. Starting now on @CNN
Will Friday pass without a White House firing? Our report from @TheLeadCNN: https://t.co/u1FWwE9fQ7
“Since I know many of you are concerned about White House personnel issues....” is how WH legislative affairs director Marc Short starts his briefing today about stalled confirmations in Senate.
In the most direct terms yet, @realDonaldTrump says Russia behind Salisbury attack. "It certainly looks like the Russians were behind it. It’s something that should never ever happen," he said in Oval Office with visiting Irish Prime Minister.
Big congrats to my great colleagues @ChrisCuomo and @JohnBerman who will soon make our nights and mornings, respectively, complete.
President Trump set to raise $2 million tonight in St. Louis at a joint Republican fundraiser for @HawleyMO and GOP, a party official says.
On @NewDay, @ConorLambPA has this to say about Trump voters: "I know people voted for the president and voted for me. I thank them for hearing me out. I'm looking forward to fulfilling my promise of actually representing them."
Republicans at the White House are pleased tonight with the narrow margin of PA-18. "This isn’t a blowout — for now, we’ll happily take it,” GOP official says.
As President Trump is 2,500 miles away from PA-18 tonight, raising money in Beverly Hills, the most important question of the midterm election campaign arises: Will the signature Trump rallies pay off or will he be more effective stay far away, raising money behind closed doors?
The bad blood between President Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson finally reached a boiling point. In case you missed it, here's a look at the remarkable day at the White House from @TheLeadCNN: https://t.co/8UGq2LYqFw
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