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Both parties cater to elite interests, while trying to shave off as many "left behind" voters as they can with non-economic appeals: Democrats, by promising to protect minority rights, Republicans by feeding white Americans' racism and cultural panic.

Among mainstream tastemakers on both sides, there is enormous reluctance to consider the possibility that a more just economic order over the last 40 years could’ve greatly lowered the stakes and intensity of the culture war. 1/

Nine times out of ten, technocratic expertise is a cultural affect, rather than the actual presence of substantive know-how.

Every time someone says this, I just want to say, okay, define “unsustainable.” What do you imagine will happen if the current course continues? Lay it out in simple A causes B causes C logic.

I dunno, just focus on being a better business rather than cashing out the owners?

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I remain convinced that one of the main reasons conspiracy theories are so popular is that even average people, who resent those in power, have a hard time believing the people in power are as stupid and frivolous as they actually are.

One of the most heartbreaking parts of @Chris_arnade  ’s book “Dignity” is how often the people he’s interviewing say some version of “I know I’m stupid.” Everyone’s bought that there’s a natural aristocracy of smart people, and you know who they are because they’re in charge.

The thing about Mike Bloomberg: he really is a reactionary authoritarian who thinks the plebes should be grateful to the oligarchs for running society so well. He just also happens to hate guns and sugar, thinks climate change is real, and finds Trump aesthetically repulsive.

A little over a week ago, a remarkably bipartisan bill passed the House, to finally undo the bizarre pension financing requirements that have crippled the Postal Service for a decade.

Good Warren assessment from @onesarahjones:  Elites like Bloomberg are Warren's natural prey, and she's on fire when she goes after them. But there's no clean way she could've sharply contrasted herself from Sanders, and she probably shouldn't have tried.