Never thought I’d see the day when there would be a cross-ideological consensus for reforming qualified immunity. But it feels like we may nearly be there. Whether it will have any effect on judges or elected officials remains to be seen.

The rioters and looters know that the police will not be allowed to use force - because @CNN  and the Democrats would declare war. So the only option is to watch our cities burn.

Police pepper sprayed a group of protesters around an armored truck a short time ago as protests continue around City Hall in Philadelphia.

SpaceX launches Nasa astronauts into orbit for first time

The only thing cooler than humans going to space is humans going to space with an adorable stuffed animal.

The full Minnesota National Guard was activated for the first time since World War Two after four nights of sometimes violent protests that have spread to other U.S. cities following the killing of a black man by a white Minneapolis police officer who knelt on his neck

Trump's attacks on Twitter are part of a plot to keep social media in his pocket.