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Just witnessed a full-on pickup soccer game (OK, a guy setting up for a game, but he had mini goals and shin pads so unless it was some weird soccer LARPing there was a game about to start)

If we're actual IRL friends and I email you as a reporter and you straight up ignore it, that's fine, we're 100% cool. But if you forward that email to comms, you're dead to me

If we're not good enough friends that I need to use your work address there is no betrayal to speak of

It turns out I have a finite amount of quality parenting in me and when you divide that amount by 80 hours a week instead of 40 the average isn’t great

my kid just did a perfect "That's Chappie" meme, only with Peppa Pig, and no one else in my house appreciated it so I am telling you, the internet

Workers at an Amazon fulfillment center in Riverside are calling for a state investigation, citing delays in notification of COVID-19 cases & workplace conditions that make social distancing & sanitation difficult, reports @SamAugustDean . tips @Techmeme 

Good explainer from @SavorTooth  on why grocery stores have empty shelves while farmers are dumping milk and leaving lettuce to rot in the fields.

I would not have guessed that Americans only got ~50% of their calories from grocery stores in the Before Times. A lot of these shortages are just figuring out to to switch from supplying restaurants & cafeterias to supplying supermarkets.

"Travel agents and industry experts say bookings for cruise sailings in 2021 are up considerably compared with pre-coronavirus data." A few questions: Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why Why What the hell Why

It would be cool if the Silicon Valley guys who hate journalists for pooh-poohing the virus threat could get together with the Silicon Valley guys who hate journalists for overhyping the virus threat and decide which way we're guilty of literal murder


Delivery workers are helping us avoid coronavirus exposure, but they say the companies they work for aren't doing enough to keep them safe. Another example: Just days ago, Amazon was telling drivers to keep 3 feet of distance, not the 6 feet CDC recommends.

The Bloomberg campaign broke the rules with its paid social media blitz, says Twitter. It just suspended 70 accounts, some belonging to campaign employees who were copy-pasting messages. Scoop from @suhaunah  and me.

Want a record of every strange car on your block, and all your neighbors' comings and goings too? Advanced license-plate readers are now part of our paranoid suburban lifestyle, reports @SamAugustDean 

Hey man, don't blame us, blame Congress. For some reason they just keep writing laws stuffing more money in the pockets of companies like ours. It's weird.

I wrote about Sweetgreen and the massive challenge of environmentally-friendly waste disposal. Brace for thread.

In 2019 @BernieSanders  was the most popular Democratic candidate with donors who work at the biggest tech companies, reports @SamAugustDean . His base was also the most diversified between blue- and white-collar tech workers.

A Doordash driver got a note from his doctor saying he shouldn't drive because he was sick. Instead of giving him the sick leave it promised, the company suspended him without pay, reports @JMBooyah .

With COVID-19 spreading, millions of people are about to get their first taste of full-time virtual office life. It's gonna get weird, @SamAugustDean  reports.

Is your employer still requiring you to come into the office for work you could perform from home? We at the @latimes  want to know how you feel about it. DM me or email If you need to be anonymous, just say so.