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Jeff Amy

@AP reporter in Mississippi. State government, education, economy, courts and general mayhem, I cover it all.

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I sat there saying almost nothing, because the Register was threatening to sue at the time, and we had zero interest in playing nice.

The ridiculous records policy was scrapped, but we ended up having to ask Eddie’s questions for him.

Eddie got the last laugh, though. Don Siegelman went to prison.

2 Florida men tied to Guiliani arrested on campaign finance charges

Debate time. Each side got to fill some seats and @tatereeves  supporters chant "Tate! Tate! Tate!" as he comes up. #msgovdebate  #mselex 

Spending in GOP primary and runoff cuts @tatereeves  cash stockpile, but Democrat@AGJimHood  still trails in cash on hand. #msleg  #mselex 

It was a debate where @tatereeves  and @AGJimHood  drew unflattering pictures of each other for the voters: Guy who only cares for rich campaign contributors vs poorly hidden liberal trial lawyer. The next 3 1/2 weeks could get nastier. #msleg  #mselex 

Author's second speech cancelled after Georgia Southern students burn book. #gapol  #gaedu 


On the square right now in Canton, Mississippi: Latino kids have marched from Sacred Heart Catholic Church to demonstrate against immigration raids.

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BREAKING: @UAW  files 7 unfair labor practice charges against @Nissan  as polls close in union vote, Could be bid to force another election.

BREAKING: Mississippian Joshua Vallum gets 49 years in prison after first-ever conviction in federal hate crime against transgender person.

BREAKING: Senate introducing plans to let teachers carry concealed guns in schools as part of school safety plan. #msleg 

BREAKING: John Lewis, Bennie Thompson to skip history and civil rights museum openings due to Trump's presence. #msleg 

Our story thus far: @UAW  union filed claims that @Nissan  broke labor law in election campaign as ballots counted.

High school students do real journalism, school district immediately tries to shut them down, despite state law guaranteeing 1st Amendment rights. Fight on, Har-Ber Herald!