"Evidence and theory say the same thing - migrants don't significantly depress wages...but the media prefer to give a platform to racists than educate people about economics."

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"I expect policy makers to do whatever they can to hold the line on a financial crisis. And that means preventing foreclosures by any means necessary."

I keep talking to bankers who are only taking #PPP  applications from existing clients because the demand is so high. If you happened to self-fund your company, thinking it was prident not to take on debt, and now need help... you may be screwed.

Chanos murders in this interview: "Are questionable companies with questionable business models still priced at a premium today based on 2021? Surprisingly, there are lots and lots of situations like that..."

LATEST: Mapping where coronavirus is spreading across the U.S.

As evidence mounts that #Covid19  can stay in the air, Americans could be advised to wear non-surgical masks to stop asymptomatic transmission of the virus

Keeping healthcare workers safe should be our country’s #1  priority during this crisis. We stand with @1199SEIU  & healthcare workers everywhere in demanding that Congress invest resources in hospitals, paid leave and prevention #WeAreEssential  #GetMePPE 

3M pushes back against Trump request to halt exports of protective face masks, citing humanitarian concerns

There’s a lot of news & misinformation out there on #COVID19  & it can be really overwhelming. To help, I've made a #coronavirus  resource page on my website & will continue to share important updates. We are #InItTogether  & we WILL get through this.

Spain reports its first decline in new coronavirus deaths in four days