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seriously "no collusion" bears all the hallmarks of a paranoid compulsion. trump can't help but say it.
usually, when trump reads a prepared statement walking back his previous comments, he gets about 24 hours before doubling-down on what he originally said.
you see mr. judge, when i said "crime is good" what i actually meant was, uh, crime is...[squints at carefully typed notes]...crime is bad.
you can have democracy, equity and opportunity or an oligarchical class of monopolistic billionaires, your choice
i’m sure plenty of people will love vicariously through it but the mere existence of a $150 billion fortune is an indictment of our society https://t.co/mTejdydpKd
@nochilljohnganz yep. and then there’s the fact that, as it stands, we have a homegrown movement of people trying to subvert elections by restricting the franchise!
@nochilljohnganz a world where elections are routinely subverted is probably not one where the left can accomplish much through the electoral process!
@danhauge @nhannahjones they were nearly outraged that anyone would suggest otherwise. that one dude built a whole twitter following essentially arguing the reverse.
give me a few days and I’ll have it in a piece
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