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Latest Scoops

this is barely a paraphrase of a typical heather mac donald argument https://t.co/vLTLwyM2DG
i love gene but he is wrong on turkey. turkey tastes fine the problem is it's the bird least conducive to roasting wholehttps://t.co/dAuZsen3ih
if you're a fan of slate's dear prudence, you'll be interested/skeptical/appalled to know that i'll be taking your thanksgiving questions for this week's prudie. send your questions to prudence AT slate DOT com, reply to this thread, or DM me!
this is the only way pumpkin pie would ever make it to my thanksgiving table https://t.co/xtGE4Ydd4e
this on the successful inside-outside strategy of newly-elected progressive reps like Ocasio-Cortez is very good https://t.co/YekKBcN9ZC
I see Politico thinks that white people voting Republican because they don't like candidates of color is not "identity politics."
also, what these voters are attracted to really is moderate affect
making a perfect french omelette has been my personal cooking project for the last three months. it is, uh, going alright. the flip is hard! https://t.co/aehjR8up86
4 of 5 stars to The Turnout Gap by Bernard L. Fraga https://t.co/ITOjqc6xU5
@emilyyoshida the crazy thing is that it’s not hard for men to dress themselves well! it is pretty straightforward and yet, even something as simple as “wear clothes that fit” is too hard for many men!
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