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one of my favorite observations from ta-nehisi is this, written in the context of obama but very applicable in the present moment

“Racism is not merely a simplistic hatred. It is, more often, broad sympathy toward some and broader skepticism toward others.”
i hope the next black teen arrested for looking at a cop the wrong way also gets a segment on the today show
ugh. rewatched crash a few years back and it is so much worse than you remember
me looking at these oscar noms
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eh, similar voting records obscure real distinctions in how the various candidates understand the political moment and the limits of the possible https://t.co/pMyDgj9DN5
hyper-scrutiny + limited resources = winnowing!
the intense scrutiny faced by the announced candidates as they roll out their campaigns is one reason i'm convinced the field will be pretty manageable come january 2020. it will be hard to withstand a year of this.
the flip side of this, King argues later in the speech, is that labor must understand the fight for black rights as part of its own
my last MLK content for today is a link to his 1961 speech to the AFL-CIO https://t.co/Okxg3aB95X
genuine question
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