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94-year-old "Grandmother of Juneteenth” on Biden making Juneteenth a federal holiday: "It was off the chain."

Ok here's his actual statement. "Today, the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. Again."

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Trump, the guy who Republican lawmakers are desperate to keep on their good side, called into Fox News last night and said in a rambling mess of comments that windmills "kill everything."

JUST IN: Federal workers will get Friday off to observe Juneteenth after Biden officially makes it a federal holiday today

Has Congress + the White House ever moved this fast to make something a federal law? I don't think anyone thought this was happening even a few days ago. #JuneTeenth2021 

The History Of Juneteenth, A Glorious Celebration Of Black Independence Day via @_TARYNitUP 

The Hypocrisy Of Honoring Juneteenth While Condemning Critical Race Theory via @_TARYNitUP ⁩

Proud Boys leader reportedly selling Black Lives Matter t-shirts and "Impeach 45" garb to get by


Just an incredible milestone for the United States Senate: more Republicans have tested positive for COVID-19 than have accepted Joe Biden as the president-elect.

Chuck Woolery -- who accused the CDC, doctors and Democrats of lying about the seriousness of COVID-19 to hurt Trump (and got a Trump RT over it) -- has changed his mind and deleted his Twitter account after his son tests positive

When I asked the National Congress of American Indians' prez for comment on Santorum, I did not expect so much fire. Wow. Full statement below. "Make your choice. Do you stand with White Supremacists justifying Native American genocide, or do you stand with Native Americans?"

GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn lied about the car wreck that partially paralyzed him, says a former close pal. He also falsely said he was "declared dead" when he wasn't + said he'd been prepping to start at U.S. Naval Academy pre-crash but he'd been rejected.

? "The next 6 to 12 weeks are going to be the darkest of the entire pandemic. Vaccines will not become available in any meaningful way until early to third quarter of next year." -- Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research, on Meet the Press

INBOX: Sarah McBride Becomes First Trans State Senator in US History; Wins State Senate Seat in Delaware