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It's a dry heat
If it got to the Supreme Court (likely won’t, more likely to die at appellate level) it would be likelier to be reversed 9-0 than upheld.
I have occasionally stuck up for DMVs, noting that in many states, it is a lot better than the reputation would have it.

California is not one of those states. https://t.co/ZQFW2WZQSx
Is Sheraton necessary? I took a look at Marriott’s portfolio of 30 often similar brands, and discovered why brand clarity isn’t as important as you might expect. https://t.co/g1NjG03jDJ
Really, is there any technology more impressive than the human body? https://t.co/6Aq4hnaxaY
"As a nonprofit organization, the fund is only required to make public its top five vendors."
Nancy Pelosi's best case, public opinion-wise, is to turn herself into a generic anti-Trump Democrat.
If this goes to the ballot, it'll be there with both legislative Republicans and the Democratic governor opposing it. It won't pass. Why go to the trouble?
This is similar to the Local Law 11 rules, theoretically necessary to prevent people from getting killed by falling bricks, that lead to New York being festooned in semi-permanent scaffolding that somehow isn't necessary in other cities with lots of tall buildings.
In general, the mechanism we use to deal with things that might theoretically be dangerous is tort law. If a sign falls on your head, sue the business that hung the sign. We don't need government agents going around and fining small stores $6,000 for not registering their signs.
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