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I can see it, tbh
I guess he only golfs on weekdays now?
Isn't the weather pretty good in Palm Beach today? Why isn't the president golfing?
@EsotericCD The pardon itself sounds fine, though it would be nice if he’d put it through a normal process, especially since the petitioner is dead and not in a hurry to get out of prison. The issue is the wink-wink advertising of the pardon power.
Two years after my observation that Donald Trump can only take your dignity if you give it to him freely, I look at what Republicans have succeeded (Susan Collins) and failed (Ted Cruz) at retaining theirs, plus some edge cases (Lindsey Graham). https://t.co/sPEhXllxZj
This week on @LRCkcrw:

-@RadioFreeTom on Korea & Syria
- vs.@dorianwarren on @RichLowryMike Pompeo's confirmation
-Nikki Haley vs Larry Kudlow
-Comey overexposed
- on @SusanPageBarbara Bush
-"Labor shortages"
-LOL Ted Cruz

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I think he’s thinking of the playwright, Wendy Wasserstein?
This is just to say

I have eaten the romaine
That was in
The icebox

And which
You were probably
To chuck
Per CDC guidance

Forgive me
It was so green
And so crisp

I don't feel great

Excuse me
I must use
Your restroom
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