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he did want to make Sarah Palin vice president
Although... if you can roll enough Sens to get something BCRA-like, why kick it to conference instead of just waiting and doing that?
I suspect they can roll everyone else if they get one of those three. But those three will all be near impossible.
That they got Capito is important. This basically comes down to whether Collins, Murkowski and Paul intend to block anything resembling BCRA
that's why this is the meaningful vote.
Is the idea from McCain that the Portman amendment addresses his and Ducey's concerns?

Is there any idea from him?
Bob Corker voted no??
Each one is his father's son, in his own way.
Trump sees Sessions as his guy and so it's his job is to protect Trump -- but he kind of admits Rosenstein's job is just to enforce the law.
Of course, there are no grounds to dismiss Mueller, and so Trump does not expect Rosenstein (who he thinks was foisted on him) to do so.
So why isn't Trump's beef with Rosenstein? Wouldn't you expect him to demand the person with this power exercise it as he should?
If Mueller *ought* to be dismissed, Rosenstein could dismiss him, on the same terms Sessions could if Sessions weren't recused.
Not to belabor this, but Trump's choice after Sessions instead of Rosenstein reflects an admission that there are no grounds to fire Mueller
Just be glad Trump didn't tell the Scouts his penis is plenty big enough like he told Bret Baier and Marco Rubio and all of us that one time
"The only thing better than an orgy is an orgy on a boat."
-- Abraham Lincoln
Whole Senate process has tied itself in knots to meet a version of reconciliation rules. Why bother if you'll just overrule parliamentarian?
I mean, I liked Collins' comment. We all did. But acknowledging that it wasn't tactful is good, too. We should officially strive for tact.
Nobody remembers this anymore, but just because something is true doesn't mean you should say it out loud.
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