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This week’s @LRCkcrw with left @anamariecox
and right @ToryAnarchist

-@maxbergmann on Trump and Putin -@SangerNYT from #AspenSecurity on cyberattacks
-@MargieOmero on public reaction to the summit

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Also, like, does Avenatti even do criminal defense? Not that anything matters anymore.
@Popehat pls prepare for questions on this
Related: When you cite polls showing overturning Roe is very unpopular, prepare for those results to shift if Roe actually is overturned, and then voters get their partisan cues about how to feel about that.
Incidentally, this is another piece of evidence for my view that issue polling is mostly useless because so many people don’t have coherent views on so many issues.
I'm not sure it's obvious. The simple story is higher rates --> stronger dollar --> imports up/exports down. But if higher rates also cause GDP and wages to rise less quickly, doesn't that push the opposite direction on the trade deficit?
Incidentally, he is quite possibly right about that link, it's just a highly unusual priority for a president to have with regard to monetary policy.
This week on All the President's Lawyers w/ @Popehat:

-Butina's boyfriend ("US Person 1") has bigger concerns than embarrassment
-Collusion. Is it a crime?
-Secret witness immunity
-Why "but the jury will be liberal" didn't get Manafort a venue change

@allahpundit Materially softer GOP support in this poll than the Axios one. Worst kind of wedge issue for GOP; nearly 2-1 against publicly but 2/3 support within it.
I mean, just imagine Tracy Flick's barnburner solo as she rips down all her own posters.
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