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Vermont is going with a non-commercial legalization model for marijuana. I'm glad, I want to see how this works out -- could get the benefits of non-criminalization without the social costs from drug marketing. https://t.co/NtWOVi2elz
Anyway, I hope they all lose their views.
By building these elevators for the nearby subway station, the developer gets to add 71,000 SF of office space to a tower next to where these people live. That's what they're upset about.
“The idea that people can then ride in on the subway with a bomb or whatever and come straight up in an elevator is awful to me." You think they can't bring a bomb up the damn stairs, the elevator is what's gonna do it?
It sums up where the parties are that Democrats got themselves into a box-canyon shutdown and got out within three days, whereas it took Republicans 17 days back in 2013.
I mean, I guess it's not uncommon to discover sex in an unpleasant manner
I can’t really tell you anything about the Jenner sisters except one of them solved racism in a Pepsi ad and I can’t remember which one.
I think what makes me an older millennial is I have a much clearer grasp on who Khloe Kardashian is than on who the Jenner sisters are.
By the way, did you know they put French fries inside your burrito in San Diego? It’s called a “California burrito” and it’s a food trend I’m shocked hasn’t gone national, given this country’s proclivities.
Florida Man tries to order a burrito from the drive-up teller at a bank, gets arrested for DUI. https://t.co/8vUFdtxWOR
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