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Senior Editor at Business Insider. MSNBC contributor. Host of KCRW's Left, Right & Center. Host of @hardpasspodcast. A man at night and a man in the morning.

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This week’s @LRCkcrw:

@jkirchick offers one cheer for the US-Saudi alliance
@burgessev looks at McConnell off-message on Medicare
@TPCarney & on @ebruenigthe church scandal
on @Wesley_Morristhe Morality Wars and whether Kanye’s new work is good

Listen: https://t.co/9lySv1lnZd
I mean, one draw is never going to win. But two...
I bought two Mega Millions draws because I find that helps me fantasize more than twice as much about winning.
Instead of blaming other people for rising interest rates, Trump should try taking credit for them. They're a sign that the economy is strong and is expected to remain so. Take the win, Trump! https://t.co/7a4uf8zPbn
@Redistrict @FiveThirtyEight Is the idea more that the money moves the races, or that the money is a market indicator of where a race stands, picking up information that's not getting into the model elsewhere?
But Hillary Clinton has gone away, even if she doesn't realize it. https://t.co/BB8ORmIReN
This couldn’t have happened on American because they’ve made the bathrooms so tiny on the “densified” 737s
Apparently it is possible to take “nice airline” too far https://t.co/dgfanBKzLf
Klobucharmentum watch:

"'I like his platform; I like his personality,' said Dick Kieren, 76, a retired schoolteacher who will vote for [Republican House candidate Pete] Stauber. But he will vote for Ms. Klobuchar too: 'I could never leave Amy.'" https://t.co/EwymBNfx5J
⚡️ “People are shocked by the daily routine of this Silicon Valley exec” by @businessinsider

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