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Rany Jazayerli

Dermatologist. Sportswriter. Ex-Grantlander. I write for The Ringer & The Athletic. Royals fan. Muslim. And as American as you. I contain multitudes. ??

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Already counting the minutes until Gridiron Heights drops this week, @brgridiron 

Has a gut-punch Chiefs loss ever worked out better than the one to the Titans? 1) KC got a bye and 2 home playoff games anyway. 2) The loss moved them up the waiver order so they could grab Terrell Suggs. 3) Tennessee made the playoffs, and knocked off both Patriots and Ravens.

Maybe I'm naive, but I didn't expect AJ Hinch to be fingered as one of the masterminds of the Astros' scandal. Luhnow, sure. Anyway, these penalties are historic and yet fair. This kind of sign-stealing impacted the integrity of the sport at least as much as any PEDs did.

We've had multiple "CHIEFS" chants go up here at gate B9 at Midway Airport how's your afternoon going

Okay the tomahawk chop on the plane might have been a bit much

KC friends: I need a recommendation for a good seafood restaurant for tonight. I'm with my brother, who is best described as a pescetarian, so I'm afraid there will be no barbecue tonight. ☹️

We just checked into our hotel, and we were assigned - I kid you not - Room 810. I think this is a good omen, but if it isn't, don't blame me, blame the guys at the radio station.


Patrick Mahomes has won two games at Mile High. The only Chiefs quarterback to have won more games in Denver is Len Dawson. Patrick Mahomes has played five games in the NFL.

The #Munich  shooting disappeared off the media radar so fast after we learned he wasn't Muslim that most people don't know he wasn't Muslim.

Instant update: by championship probability added, that home run was the 3rd biggest hit in major league history.

And Theo wept, for there were no more worlds to conquer.

This is the United States of America. We split the atom when no other country could. We put a man on the moon when no other country could. So don’t tell me we can’t do something to prevent mass murders when every other country can.

The Chiefs are the first team in NFL history to score 26+ points in every game of the season.

Speaking as a doctor: passing the #AHCA  through the House without a CBO score is one of the most shameful things I've seen in politics.

Well, it was never the first 18 years of a century that the Red Sox had trouble with.