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Writer for hire. Contributing writer @PacificStand. Work in Aeon, The Atlantic, Businessweek, Entrepreneur, LARB, Maxim, Slate, Smithsonian, Vice and others

Latest Scoops

DARPA literally reinvented the wheel https://t.co/pDI4KPqzs0
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The media industry, mostly
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National Gaurdsmen deployed to the border with Mexico are literally shoveling horse shit to keep them out of potential danger https://t.co/I3ZfpTw1jW
Apparently military drug tests keep leaking into each other during transport, which means the Pentagon probably ruined the careers of some hard-working officers over their own incompetence https://t.co/poZgmmwyRP
poochie died on his was back to his home planet https://t.co/LDW9kkYwxI
Showed up at my favorite bar and ended up talking aviation mishaps with a Navy fighter pilot for 20 minutes. I think @TaskandPurpose has officially ruined me. @AdamWeinstein
Toxic breast milk.

Contaminated umbilical cords.

Testicular cancer.

Organ failure.

No wonder the White House and EPA didn't want this water contamination study to see the light of day https://t.co/SUQK9oenQR
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