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Writer for hire. Contributing writer @PacificStand. Work in Aeon, The Atlantic, Businessweek, Entrepreneur, LARB, Maxim, Slate, Smithsonian, Vice and others

Latest Scoops

Trump Says He’ll Review Case Of Maj. Matthew Golsteyn, Green Beret Charged With Murdering Suspected Taliban Bomb-Maker via @TaskandPurpose https://t.co/dlJXTgJ49d
tfw you spend part of a holiday party explaining that hank pym abused his wife
Spotted in a White Sands Missile Range video of Air Force laser weapons system: an military Xbox controller!
This f*cking guy

Senator On Defense Committee Bought Raytheon Stock After Pushing For Record Pentagon Budget via @TaskandPurpose https://t.co/JoNgwEUCXH
Erase me like a de Kooning daddy
My favorite @libbycwatson stories are those that slip in things like “telly” https://t.co/35nwVKbrd8
Army Charges Green Beret With Murder For Killing Suspected Taliban Bomb-Maker In 2010 via @TaskandPurpose https://t.co/8BFztslJ0V
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