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Jamie Dupree is a reporter for Cox Radio, covering Congress, DC and the elections for WSB Atlanta, WDBO Orlando, WOKV Jacksonville, WHIO Dayton & KRMG Tulsa.

Latest Scoops

SH Sanders on Trump goals:
1) "Serious" border security
2) End to chain migration
3) End visa lottery
4) Permanent solution to DACA
SH Sanders: "In short, it's totally unacceptable to the President, and should be declared dead on arrival"
At White House brief, Sarah Huckabee Sanders makes it clear that President Trump won't back Flake-Graham DACA bill
Trump Tariffs: Higher consumer prices and lost jobs, or more US manufacturing and job gains? https://t.co/YMXpdH93tm
Senate sets 5 pm vote on the nomination of Jerome Powell as Chairman of the Federal Reserve
Trump slaps new tariffs on solar products & washing machines - "There won't be a trade war" https://t.co/YMXpdH93tm
VIDEO - Should the Obama Admin have done more on Russian meddling in 2016? Biden: "I'm not sure" https://t.co/VZ9hpL0t5j
For Republicans, it's like Lois Lerner all over again, as 5 months of FBI texts are missing https://t.co/M6MLuZ7CIF
Schumer acknowledges Democrats will need 60 votes to get any DACA/Dreamer/immigration bill through the Senate
CIA Director says the "logical next step" for Kim Jong Un would be to develop an "arsenal" of nuclear weapons
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