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Jamie Dupree is a reporter for Cox Radio, covering Congress, DC and the elections for WSB Atlanta, WDBO Orlando, WOKV Jacksonville, WHIO Dayton & KRMG Tulsa.

Latest Scoops

Trump Administration to allow new waivers to let states get around Obama health law coverage requirements https://t.co/ys5823Dphs
Workers painting the Capitol Dome on another gorgeous fall morning
Right now both the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots are worth more on their own than total US foreign aid to those 3 nations combined
With Congress gone, Trump puzzles DC with weekend talk of tax cut action before the elections https://t.co/iaMxvA6vNd
In 2010, Democrats ran away from the Obama health law. But in 2018, it's a big part of their mid-term message https://t.co/wSPs8rB4sU
In a twist, polls show Democrats have the GOP on the defensive over the Obama health law https://t.co/wSPs8rB4sU
“The country tonight is in the midst of what may be the most serious constitutional crisis in its history.”https://t.co/MPMYHTu1AY
45 years ago today, President Nixon set off the Saturday Night Massacre over the Watergate tapes https://t.co/MPMYHTu1AY
Trump rally wraps with usual Rolling Stones music. When I checked, the cable nets were not carrying him live
One mention by the President of "Crooked Hillary" and the crowd starts chanting LOCK HER UP
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