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Jamie Dupree is a reporter for Cox Radio, covering Congress, DC and the elections for WSB Atlanta, WDBO Orlando, WOKV Jacksonville, WHIO Dayton & KRMG Tulsa.

Latest Scoops

29 year old Russian woman pleads not guilty to covert election activity in the US https://t.co/emHyA74N37
President Trump again at odds with US Intelligence and Congress on Russian election interference https://t.co/I6POosWknQ
That answer directly contradicts the assessment of US Intelligence. This from DNI Dan Coats on Monday after the Trump-Putin news conference
Trump: "We're doing very well - probably as well as anybody has any ever done with Russia"
President Trump at Cabinet meeting: "There's been no President - ever - as tough as I have been on Russia"
And it is clear from these Butina documents that "U.S. Person 1" may need some good lawyers
More info in these documents on the relationship between Butina and "U.S. Person 1"
Prosecutors ask a federal judge to keep Mariia Butina in prison, fearing she will flee the country if released
Legislative Nerd Tourism Alert - If you're visiting Capitol Hill, maybe this is your best Senate hearing of the day
Trump to hold 11:30 am Cabinet meeting; seems likely to talk about Putin mtg, Europe trip https://t.co/Qf5H40wch2
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