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Jamie Dupree is a reporter for Cox Radio, covering Congress, DC and the elections for WSB Atlanta, WDBO Orlando, WOKV Jacksonville, WHIO Dayton & KRMG Tulsa.

Latest Scoops

No swift resolution on challenge to FBI raid by President Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen; next court hearing May 24
Democratic National Committee files suit against Russia & the Trump Campaign over the 2016 elections https://t.co/KUSy35ANOq
Republicans demanded Comey memos - DOJ complied, and the leaks began https://t.co/orD0toFhT2
After release of Comey memos, Trump defends Flynn, smacks former FBI chief over Russia probe https://t.co/rwkKKo6TDz
From earlier today on Russia, Trump's lawyer drops lawsuit over publication of Steele Dossier https://t.co/3WQdQaoJin
Comey memos show President Trump repeatedly pressing former FBI chief about Russia probe https://t.co/orD0toFhT2
In one meeting, Comey said Trump said he wanted "an apology from Bill O'Reilly," and didn't like Comey's response
Comey on April phone call, said Trump was pressing him to get out "that he is personally not under investigation"
Comey on Trump phone call - seems to indicate Trump said he would sue Christopher Steele
Comey relates how Trump pressed him on probe of Michael Flynn
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