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Whoever did the research basically whacked together a load of unrelated spending to get a “big” number to support some lazy millennial bashing. 2/10, must try harder.
What a small, small man Sajid Javid has shown himself to be in his short and undistinguished time as Home Secretary.
Just dropping this here as a reminder (this was a stupid story then, just as that attempted smear on Berger is a stupid story now):
Please at the bare sodding minimum read the definition of “institutional racism” as originally applied to the Met Police before trying to rebut that obvious truth.
The UK is a medium-sized country with a sizeable military and one of the world’s largest economies.

Our influence works via the alliances and blocs we join. We’ve squandered real influence thanks to jingoistic idiots and the campaigns they led.
I recently did the very fun OneTrackMinds, sharing stories of life-changing songs. If you fancy it their next show is in London Bridge on Saturday and tickets are here (not #spon, just a favour ‘cos it was fun):
Something bizarrely emotionally jarring about writing about the Labour split and LCD Soundsystem “All My Friends” coming on as I do. Can’t quite work out why?
I watched The Newsroom religiously and right across every minute of all three seasons could never work out if I actually deeply liked it or utterly hated it.
The stupid, it burns. On a daily basis.
This is dangerous, dangerous reasoning and it’s not just coming from Nesrine: since when has a sudden economic crash ever hurt populists? This is ahistorical folly.

The Most Relevant

Canadian life expectancy: 82.1 years
US life expectancy: 78.7 years

Canadian health spend: $4,608/person
US health spend: $9,451/person
US life expectancy: 78.7 years
UK life expectancy: 81.6 years

US health spend: $9,892/person
UK health spend: $4,192/person
The 11-year search for the stupidest possible opinion is over. Twitter can finally shut down.
Around one in three people in the UK think no-deal is a good or tolerable Brexit outcome.

If that doesn’t represent the biggest collective political and journalistic failure of our lifetimes, I don’t know what does.
The WHO has placed anti-vaxxers on its list of top ten threats to public health. Hugely ballsy move, but the right one.
*Russian dissident gets poisoned with rare Russian-made nerve agent*

Twitter left: hey let’s not jump to conclusions here

*a man’s hat looks different on a news show*

Twitter left: this is conclusive proof of a secret agenda at the BBC
Vision: algorithms will make hiring better as they don’t discriminate

Reality: “One HR employee for a major technology company recommends slipping the words “Oxford” or “Cambridge” into a CV in invisible white text, to pass the automated screening.”
I’ll never understand how you get to a place where this is something to feel proud of.

May’s deal is about as good an exit deal as any politician could have got.

The reason it’s unsellable to the public is the Labour and Conservative parties alike have spent two years promising the impossible, and May is carrying the can for their nonsense.
Donald Trump just RTd the deputy leader of Britain First, which has threatened “militant direct action” against elected Muslims, operates a “defence force”, and gives activists “self-defence training” on camping retreats.

Wrote this on them in January:
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