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Trump reversed course on hosting the G-7 at his club after learning that impeachment-weary Republicans were tired of defending him. Good inside look via @ToluseO  @jdawsey1  and @Fahrenthold :

After Trump’s election, Shulkin was preparing to resign as Obama’s undersecretary for veterans’ health when he received an urgent, mysterious call from Michael Cohen, the president’s now-jailed fixer. Cohen patched him through to a voice with a thick Israeli accent.

Troubling story in Foreign Policy: “Turkish Proxies Appear to Be Using White Phosphorus in Syria. Munitions carrying white phosphorus have allegedly caused horrific burns.”

Biden just announced that he’s going to MA (Warren’s home state) and VT (Sanders’s).

As he pushed Obama administration policy in Ukraine, Joe Biden worked aggressively against corruption, in ways that created enemies and may have boomeranged against his 2020 campaign. A deep look at his three-year effort, via @mviser  and @PaulSonne :

Rudy Giuliani used to have a national approval rating of 84 percent after 9/11. But his approval rating is 26 percent in a new NBC/WSJ poll.

The Daily 202: Reversals on G-7 and potentially Syria show Trump buckles in the face of enough Republican pressure.


The president of the United States just explicitly said he is making a public policy decision so that his friends can make more money.

Trump is giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor he can give, to SheldonAdelson’s wife Miriam. He’s counting on Adelson money to support his 2020 re-election bid. Is handing out honors like this worse than letting donors stay in the Lincoln Bedroom?

I don't want to be an alarmist, but these are the facts: Antarctic ice loss in 1979: 40 billion tons per year. Antarctic ice loss in 2017: 252 billion tons per year.

Wow: Public records show that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke took 66 “personal days” between March 2017 and August 2018, excluding weekends and federal holidays. That exceeds the 39 annual days off federal senior executives would be allowed.

Overlooked so far: In one of the Sept. 8 texts, Ambassador Taylor threatened to resign after speaking by phone with Amb. Gordon Sondland, a GOP donor who owns 19 luxury hotels and scored his appointment after donating a million bucks to Trump's inaugural.

At a House intelligence committee hearing, Madeline Albright just formally apologized to Mitt Romney for making fun of him in 2012 when he said Russia was our biggest geopolitical foe. She says the now Utah senator was prescient.

An overlooked nugget from the NYT tax story: Trump made no itemized deductions for charitable giving in the 10 years of tax transcripts obtained by the paper.

Buried low in the new allegations against Brett Kavanaugh from his time at Yale is an on the record quote from Mark Judge’s college girlfriend of three years accusing him of lying about what the culture at Georgetown Prep was like.

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